• Perfect Flight - Private Flights Beech Baron 58

    Perfect Flight - Private Flights Beech Baron 58

    Four or six place business, utility and advanced pilot training twin. The Beech Baron 58 combines the attractiveness of Beechcraft design with the reliability of twin engines, resulting in a gorgeous workhorse of an aircraft. In this representation you will come across a complete and realistic simulation experience.

    The missions pack, designed by Perfect Flight to work with FSX and - first time - with Prepar3D V4 add more value and enjoyment.


    Fully compatible with all versions of Microsoft Flight Simulator X and Lockheed Martin Prepar3D v4. Complete Beechcraft Beech Baron 58 aircraft package with extra options, highly detailed 3D textures, Stereo Sounds, Two models which includes the standard and the Garmin G1000 Versions.

    • Tutorials - Learn how to use the Garmin 1000. The documentation includes an extensive 632 pages Garmin 1000 real Pilot's Guide
    • Missions Pack- The Missions pack (available in both FSX and P3D) features Flight briefing, Cabin preparation (Frequencies, Autopilot etc.), Step by step Check Lists Procedures (pre-start, taxi, before t/o, after t/o, descend, landing, parking) with prompt menu. Crew announcements, speed calls and restriction, Captain speaking, GPWS and much more! Fly over Europe, America, Australia for hours and hours of very enjoyment in a large range of scenarios.
    • Fully customizable - with our exclusive Special Feature that lets you to use a plane of your choice (instead of the included fleet) and to edit weather, time, date and season for each approach/mission. You does not need of external program or make complicated actions such adjustment, modification or file editing. Just install the special feature, choose the plane, weather, time, date and season direct from the FSX Free Flight Menu, then choose the desired mission and fly with your favorite aircraft and settings without losing the Success message

    Perfect Flight - Private Flights Beech Baron 58

    • Complete Documentation - This product includes Airport info and charts for all destination and an useful User Guide
    • PES (Passengers Entertainment System) - Missions also features the exclusive PES(Passengers Entertainment System), now fully customizable with your own sound tracks. When you reach the cruising altitude, a Prompt Menu will appear on your screen with PES Options. You can play until six soundtracks in a single flight. An entire section of the User Guide explain you how to use your own favorite soundtracks instead of those provided with the product!


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    1. johncott's Avatar
      johncott -
      Is it just me or is this the default Beech Baron 58. Check image 4 on the purchase link and the needle in missing on the OAT gauge like the default. Fly the default Baron all the time and this looks like the default version. The article mentions there is a complete aircraft as well as the mission pack. Went to their website and it looks like they are coming out with packages for the Mooney and the Lear 45 as well.
    1. Augie's Avatar
      Augie -
      Looks like they did the same for the Kingair 350 (Perfect Flight - Ultimate King air 350 Simulation for FSX). The current discounted price of $8.50 isn't bad for 24 liveries, 24 missions, etc.
    1. DrawyahGames's Avatar
      DrawyahGames -
      It's how Perfect Flight operate. They take default aircraft, create as many liveries as they can for it, and create a mission pack to surround it - Just take a look at their Ryanair Operations one for that! (They also will sometimes include missions for other aircraft too, the Flight1 737 being their go-to one.)

      I do agree that the text is slightly misleading, but by 'aircraft pack' I can assume they mean the liveries and their 'passenger entertainment system' included.
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