• I Am An Air Traffic Controller AIRPORT HERO Series

    I Am An Air Traffic Controller AIRPORT HERO Series

    "I Am An Air Traffic Controller AIRPORT HERO" is a game in which the player becomes an air traffic controller and tries an air traffic control.

    He/she has to give appropriate commands promptly to the airport and the aircrafts that are recreated with exciting details in order to complete each stage.

    Game controls are extremely simple. Just select the directions that are automatically displayed in time with the passenger planes!

    About "I Am An Air Traffic Controller AIRPORT HERO OSAKA-KIX"

    The story takes place at Kansai International Airport ("KIX").

    KIX is one of the world's very few airports on the ocean, built on an artificial island!

    KIX, with two runways, is a busy airport that operates 24 hours a day, full of international airplanes in the day, and as an airline hub for international cargo flights at night.

    Your skills are challenged to operate smooth air traffic control at KIX packed with many airplanes!

    I Am An Air Traffic Controller AIRPORT HERO Series

    Challenge air traffic control with 2 game modes!

    Challenge air traffic control while enjoying dramatic story in "Story Mode" or score the target point to clear the stage in simple "Operation Mode"!

    Story Mode

    "Story mode" is best for your first try! You can learn how to play while enjoying the dramatic storyline.

    You are responsible for air traffic control at KIX with your reliable boss: Tsukasa Kamijo, and new trainees Asuka Kominato and Mamoru Ozora.

    You must protect the safety of the sky while training the new boys, according to your boss's advice.

    Accurate decisions are needed under unexpected situations and special weather conditions, during air traffic control! In addition, you must follow up for the trainees' inexperienced control!

    With teamwork and flexible situation handling, succeed in difficult traffic control!

    Operation Mode

    "Operation Mode" is very simple! Send specific orders to airplanes on the airport and in the air, support landing and takeoff for safe control!

    If airplanes fall into danger of collision, the game is over.

    Control real-time moving airplanes to aim the highest score!

    How To Play Camera Stages

    QR Code and Scene give you more ways to enjoy the game.

    Use the internal camera of the Nintendo 3DS to read a QR code or taking photos and it will automatically generate a random stage. With QR code and Scene you can discover many stages which aren't in the original story,such as stages with only departing flights or stormy, tense stages.

    Product Information

    Title : I am an air traffic controller AIRPORT HERO OSAKA-KIX
    Genre : Air Traffic Controller simulation & Puzzle
    Price : $19.99
    Player number : 1
    Release date : June 15, 2017.
    Product page : http://www.sonicpowered.co.jp/world/eah-rjbb/
    Nintendo page : http://www.nintendo.com/games/detail/i-am-an-air-traffic-controller-airport-hero-osaka-kix-3ds

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    1 Comment
    1. Wan Tjhen's Avatar
      Wan Tjhen -
      Well ... Perhaps ATC4 (Air Traffic Controller 4) is better if you ask me. You see, the game (being developed by Technobrain who worked in conjungction with 'Sonic Powered' for this 3DS game) was developed for PC (instead of 3DS) just like FSX, and it's WAY more realistic in various ways such as these :

      1. It includes real-world airlines (like Japan Airlines, All Nippon Airways, Skymark Airlines, Jetstar Japan, Finnair, Singapore Airlines, etc ... The only fictional airline there is Technobrain Airlines. On this 'airport hero' game there are only fictional airlines although the aircraft types are still realistic).

      2. The airports, airplanes and surrounding scenery are more realistically rendered compared to this game. I played all three airports and the quality of all 3 is just like a payware FSX add-on (well, then again Technobrain also created Japanese FSX sceneries covering Tokyo Haneda & Fukuoka (available in ATC4), Okinawa, Sapporo, Ishigaki, etc so...Yeah). When I see the airplane models there (from SAAB 340 to as big as Boeing 747...), they look pretty realistic as well with much smoother textures than the one on 3DS, turning fans or props, light reflection, etc much like airplanes designed for Flight Simulators (and of course for real life).

      3. The pilots' sound in ATC4 sounds more lifelike compared to this.


      ATC systems on both games ... This is where ATC4 and Airport hero comes on par with each other. They're both similar to real world with controls from approach to tower to ground to clearance delivery to departure. Sometimes it can be really complex though when a lot of airplanes come and go (you need to wait until a particular flight's pilot is done communicating before moving on to another flight at the same sector in order to prevent interference.)

      As much as I would like to say this is realistic ... Well, it can be quite stressing and dangerous gameplay - wise.

      All in all, I prefer ATC4 compared to 'Airport Hero' (although the 3DS game remains pretty decent if you ask me, just not as realistic.)
      Speaking of which, has ATC4 ever been mentioned in any of the NOTAMs here ? if there is I'd like to see it, so please send me a link if it's still available. Thanks, best regards, and always reach higher !

      -Wan Tjhen, Singapore
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