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    2017 marks the fifth year of the annual aviation and flight simulation conference, FlightSimCon. Since its humble beginnings in 2013, the event has grown in both size and popularity. What began as only a small gathering of enthusiasts, has grown into a global attraction, with the event now attracting a far larger audience, many of whom have traveled great distances!

    With the release of Dovetail Games 'Flight Sim World', Laminar Research's 'X-Plane 11' and also 'Prepar3D 4' by Lockheed Martin, the event this year is sure to attract even greater numbers. Sponsoring FlightSimCon 2017 this year are: Aer Lingus/CAA, Aerosoft, Dovetail Games, HiFi Simulations, Jetline Systems, Orbx, PILOT's GmbH, PilotEdge, Prepar3D, ProSim-AR and SimMarket.

    FlightSim.Com was lucky enough to catch up with two of the developers listed above: Stefan Schaefer from PILOT'S and Damian Clark from HiFi Simulations, and asked if they would possibly share their thoughts regarding past, present and future flight simulation projects. Both very kindly agreed and their respective 'mini' interviews are presented below.

    Stefan Schaefer (PILOT'S)

    Stefan, when it comes to developing add-ons for MSFS, what are the biggest challenges you face today?

    To fulfil the demand for details of a general public, who wants to buy cheaply or actually doesn't want to pay at all. It is not possible to deliver commercial quality at no cost. The more brainwork goes into a product, the more it has to weigh on the bill.

    Second question if I may; if you were able to choose one feature for a future flight simulator, what would it be and why?

    It should be built in modules with known interface. Thus it would be possible to completely replace certain parts (where it makes sense) in a clean way. E.g. the weather engine.

    Lastly Stefan, out of all the products you have created over the years, is there a particular one you feel stands out from the rest, and if so why?

    Our FS Global Mesh series has become a standard over the years since 1998. FS Global Real Weather is liked for its ease of use and currentness of weather depiction without gimmicks or producing just "eye candy" weather. And the new Boeing B314 - The Clipper vintage airliner coming up shortly will revive the one from 2002 in up to date technology.

    FS Global Mesh Video

    Pilot's web site:

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