• Tutorial: IFR Approach to PABE

    Tutorial: IFR Approach to PABE (Bethel)


    Provided by Joel Johnson and written by Jetjerry

    Note: The DME in the title means DME is required to fly this approach.


    This is a flight from Bethel to Kasigluk, 20 nm west (PFKA), with 1450 pounds of cargo. The weather conditions from Bethel to Kasigluk are VFR, however the WX deteriorates while at PFKA and you need to return to PABE on an IFR flight plan.

    ROUTE: PFKA - V319 - BET - PABE. Depart PFKA to the north and fly HDG 050 to intercept V319.
    Altitude: 2000 feet
    Aircraft: DHC-3 Otter

    X-Plane Weather

    WX (load): From LOAD screen choose "Clear & Foggy". Under ENVIRONMENT change VIS to 1sm. PRECIP = your choice. Storms and Turb = "0". Lower cloud bases to = 600'. Wind = [email protected]

    FSX Weather

    Open-user defined Weather in the Weather options dialog box and enter the parameters above as closely as possible.


    ENROUTE chart at: http://aeronav.faa.gov/digital_enroute.asp?eff=05-02-2013&end=06-27-2013 (third column - ELAK3 zip).

    APPROACH chart: https://skyvector.com/files/tpp/1701/pdf/05001VD1L.PDF.
    * Do not use GPS.

    Part 1 Follow Along Instructions

    View this video

    Note: Cumulative times may be slightly off due to editing. Total real time to complete this trip is about 19 minutes.

    Before Departure

    NAV #1 radio: set to frequency 114.1 (Bethel VOR/DME) BET.
    HDG bug: set to 050? (heading to intercept V319).
    CRS selector: set to 097?. This is the inbound course for V319 to BET VOR.
    Altimeter: set to current local setting. In this case 29.92.
    ADF radio: Set to frequency 251 for Oscarville (OSE NDB) located on the Bethel airport.

    After airborne: at approximate times.

    00:25 - Depart PFKA to the north.
    01:00 - Set climb power to 30"MP/2000 RPM.
    01:20 - Autopilot to "ON" and select HDG mode (the AP will now intercept the 050 HDG.
    01:25 - Raise flaps to UP.
    02:00 - Situational awareness. Check your instruments and radios and make sure all are set properly and you are aware of where you are now, where you are going, and what function to perform next.
    02:15 - Select NAV mode on the AP. It will now intercept V319 automatically.
    03:17 - AP turns to join V319 (097 inbound to BET VOR).
    03:45 - Aircraft is leveling at 2000'. Set Cruise power to 26.5"MP/1850 RPM.
    04:02 - Set HDG bug to 180. This is the first heading to fly for the 12nm ARC.
    04:23 - (or before) Set NAV #2 VOR Course selector to the 207 radial. This is the Lead Radial (the point where you turn from the ARC to final approach).
    04:42 - At 12.7 DME from BET VOR select HDG mode on the AP and it will now turn to the 180 HDG you have set on your HSI. This will establish you on the 12nm ARC.

    Part 2 Follow Along Instructions

    View this video

    04:42 - At 12.7 DME from BET VOR select HDG mode on the AP and it will now turn to the 180 HDG you have set on your HSI. This will establish you on the 12nm ARC.
    05:30 - Move the HSI CRS selector to the 260 radial (tail of the needle) with the head of the needle on 080 with a "TO" indication.
    6:00 - As the HSI needle centers then turn the HDG bug 10 degrees to the left to stay on the 12 nm ARC and then advance the HSI CRS selector to the 250 radial.
    NOTE: Continue this process all the way around the 12nm ARC. If you slip to one side or the other of 12nm, then adjust your next turn accordingly. If at 11.9 wait until reading 12 again and then continue. If reading 12.1, then turn sooner and with 15-20 degrees rather than the standard 10.
    NOTE: Watch your ADF needle too. Keep it off the left wing tip and you will be flying a circle (the ARC).
    08:30 - As you proceed around the 12nm ARC and set the 210 radial on the HSI, you are getting close to your turn on radial of 207 - so start watching your NAV#2. When NAV#2 centers then it's time to turn to your final approach CRS (016).
    09:00 - NAV#2 needle is starting to move.
    09:20 - NAV#2 needle is centered. Turn to HDG 050. Set HSI CRS to 016 (final app CRS inbound).
    09:30 - Select NAV mode on AP. The AP will now intercept the 016 CRS and fly it.

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      DominicS -
      Many thanks to Joel Johnson and Jetjerry for providing yet another fantastic tutorial.

      These challenges are superb!!
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