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    Worldwide Airports

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    Michael Hayward

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    REX Worldwide Airports     REX Worldwide Airports     REX Worldwide Airports

    Compared to many third party sceneries, the default FSX and P3D scenery looks decidedly outdated. Not only are the default textures of a low resolution, but many of the airports fail to give an impression of their real life counterparts. In September 2016, REX Game Studios released WorldWide Airports HD, an airport texture conversion package, with its sole aim of replacing all of the default airport textures (hangars, terminals, jet bridges and other buildings) with a selection of new and high-quality ones. As well as the improvements mentioned above, many of the default ground service vehicles have also been modified, and these are now represented with improved models.

    In this review, I will be looking at all of the features of the program, as well as how it greatly improves the simulator world through its series of textures and models.

    REX Worldwide Airports     REX Worldwide Airports     REX Worldwide Airports


    The Installation file for this package weighs in at a healthy 3 GB. Inside the zip file, you'll find the installer, a selection of CAB files and a hotfix installer from a December 2016 update.

    REX WorldWide Airports HD does not install directly into your FSX/P3D folder, but instead into a folder of your choosing. The reason for this, is because the program is more of a 'launcher' than a direct replacement for your textures. As such, it does require a degree of setting up, but it is more than worth it!

    Once installed, there is a 35-page user manual (PDF format) which explains all the different features of the program.

    REX Worldwide Airports     REX Worldwide Airports     REX Worldwide Airports

    What Does It Do?

    Once installed, the user has a large selection of terminal textures and styles to choose from. This allows the user to create different sets of scenery which can then be implemented into the simulator based on what they have selected.

    The program is easy to use and doesn't take too long to get to grips with. There are 11 different categories (types of building) to choose from, with each category having multiple textures. Because of this varied selection, the user is free to mix and match to their hearts content.

    REX Worldwide Airports     REX Worldwide Airports     REX Worldwide Airports

    Main Terminals - 15 standard variations
    Buildings and Facilities 1 - 3 standard variations
    Buildings and Facilities 2 - 3 standard variations
    Small Hangars - 4 standard variations
    Medium Hangars - 4 standard, 26 airline-specific variations
    Large Hangars - 4 standard variations
    Ground Environments - 17 heavy-use, 17 light-use variations
    Main Jetways - 16 standard variations
    Airport Lighting - 16 lighting styles
    Vehicle Models - Replaces default models with new ones in blue, chartreuse and white
    Parking Garage - 4 standard variations

    Each variation of the above textures includes additional options, which adds even more variety to the package.

    1. b52bob's Avatar
      b52bob -
      Not updated to V4 yet. Be aware
    1. DrawyahGames's Avatar
      DrawyahGames -
      Quote Originally Posted by b52bob View Post
      Not updated to V4 yet. Be aware
      It is however compatible with DTG Flight Sim World funnily enough.
    1. aviator66's Avatar
      aviator66 -
      I bought it when it first came out WOW!!! The updates had me going untell I found out my Kaspersky was blocking it. When I got that worked out, "I love it".
    1. phil0's Avatar
      phil0 -
      I purchased it for FSX a few months ago. Quite pleased with it, second the comments in the review.

      I had some trouble installing the add on - my Norton antivirus kept flagging it as unsafe. Under the "if all else fails read the instructions" maxim, I finally did so. Disabled Norton temporarily, and installed with no problems.

      I'd recommend this add on.
    1. CRJ_simpilot's Avatar
      CRJ_simpilot -
      I had this bookmarked for a while and now that it's mentioned here I think I'll buy it! I'm always looking to spruce up my Sim.
    1. Clutch Cargo's Avatar
      Clutch Cargo -
      While overall I really like the product, the developer and this article fails to point out that the add-on will effect library building objects as well. For example, the downtown San Diego skyline had several of it buildings change to REX textures. Some actually looked interesting but some, especially at night, looked like "xmas trees" with their bright night colors and repetition of their pattern. Can't say if it makes the look better or worse but it will look different. I just wanted to point that out,
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