• Review: Vehicle Simulator

    Most of the models used within the simulator are of good quality (depending on their age), but some have flight models may need to be improved. Inside the add-on library you will find reworked flight models for many of the aircraft used in the simulator. When you search for 'elements', the necessary files can simply be replaced.

    Vehicle Simulator     Vehicle Simulator     Vehicle Simulator

    Of course, navigation is incredibly important when it comes to flying, so an accurate GPS, complete with moving map is included in the simulator. To aid navigation further, several windows can be opened, such as an extra 'glass panel' (good for outside views), radar, HUD, etc. The GPS can also be used to change the position of the aircraft, setting out the route for autonomous flying when combined with the autopilot. If you want to fly at night, night vision can also be used.

    Another helpful and interesting feature is the replay function. Flights can be recorded, saved and replayed, so you can practice formation flights or create situations with other vehicles.

    Vehicle Simulator includes a variety of different weapons, such as guided/unguided missiles, bombs guns, plus a few others, and it is here that the replay feature comes into its own. Watching combat from numerous camera views is exhilarating to say the least! Network players can also have dogfights, fly military missions or explore the sceneries together.

    Incidentally, exploring sceneries works very well with quadcopters, which is a new feature for Vehicle Simulator (minimum version: 2.6.4). Ilan Papini added a stabilisation system (GPS supported) to his program, which makes it possible to fly these machines just as you would in real life. You can control them from the pilot's position on the ground, and the transmitter (complete with camera screen) can be switched on as an external panel. Also, a separate screen showing the camera view from the drone can be opened, as shown in the video below:

    With Vehicle Simulator, different views for all kinds of vehicles are available. You can choose from cockpit view, chase, flyby, and many more! For those of you who have a head tracker device, Vehicle Simulator will work with that too. In fact, a head tracking devices such as TrackIR is recommended for use in aerobatics, dogfights and formation flying.

    So there you have it, the wonderful world of Vehicle Simulator. If you're tempted by what you just read and seen, then you're be interested to know that a demo version (activated with a key) is available for a limited time from Ilan's web site. The full version costs (at the time of writing) $30, but with that, you certainly get a lot for your money!

    Give Vehicle Simulator a whirl...you won't be disappointed!

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    Thomas Bruckelt

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    1. napamule2's Avatar
      napamule2 -
      Sorry, but this is a 'Kiddie Sim'!!! It will take 2 adults 2 days to set it up and 1 week to even fly anything, if you are lucky. You can fire cannons and missles ('blow up a school')? And don't expect cars to be 'driveable' even if they do go 150 mph - the physics are all wrong. Then there are the trees that lean at 45 degrees when the slightest wind is blowing. Really? If you want to have a good laugh then yes get it. But don't expect FSX or even FS9 quality. Won't happen.
    1. meach's Avatar
      meach -
      My two cents...

      Many years ago Iian was a competent hang glider pilot, I hope he still is Although a qualified and experienced RW pilot (A CFI), at the time I was also flying hang gliders for a living.

      While I toyed with creating a hang glider sim on my very early PC, it turned out that Iian was also a very competent programmer. His early version of HangSim precisely captured that elusive element that I found it impossible to describe to non flyers. The airflow over the photo-realistic hills was so accurate that I spent many hours soaring his virtual skies after soaring RL ones. Back then, he also wrote Virtual Sailor, in which one could breeze along the Agean sea and Mediterranean Islands (Where, co-incidentally, I now live). Over the years, he has developed the sim into Vehicle Simulator, as he is able to simulate absolutely any machine that moves.

      OK cannons and missiles are appreciated only by my grandsons. We all see that when the youngsters come up and look at our high-tech sim machine. "Can you crash?"

      The key message about Vehicle Simulator is the integration of land, sea and air simulation. Iian's talent and vision here shows us what will probably happen in the future - a virtual word, shared by land, sea and air simulations. Drive from your house to the airport. Fly to a resort and go sailing. Imagine flying a helo over the F1 championship? It's a visionary concept from a great imagination.

      IMHO, Vehicle Simulator not only allows a freedom and depth of simulation across environments that will be picked up by the big boys later in future mega sims, but VS has a flow of movement and integration that does start to catch you after using it awhile. It's not FSX, nor x-plane. You have to try it for a while to get what I mean.

      Try it, its a taste of things to come. Then remember that you saw it here first!

      Footnote: I am in no way associated with Iian or his business. Just a fan of all things flight!
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