• Review/Tutorial: GoodWay 5 Flight Planner

    Goodway 5 flight planner for X-Plane

    A Tutorial & Review of the Goodway 5 Flight Planner for X-Plane

    By Paul Mort

    Before reading this article, let's take the time to consider what most flight simulator pilots look for in a good flight planner. The flight planner is one of the most important tools in the X-Plane toolbox. It gets us to where we want to be, so we need a planner that is comprehensive, easy to use, looks good, is accurate in its function, and is reasonably priced. In this article, we will put GoodWay 5's flight planner through its paces to see if it is up to the job.


    In this first section, we will discuss exactly what the new GoodWay 5 Flight Planner is capable of achieving, and the benefits it can provide when planning and navigating your route. First and foremost, GoodWay 5 creates detailed flight plans, either manually or automatically, by simply entering your departure and arrival airport. Your chosen aircraft can be selected from a list within the flight planner. This option allows you to match the appropriate speed and time of your flight, according to the aircraft you have selected.

    The generated route can be transferred directly to your aircraft GPS or FMC with a press of a button, and also saved for future use. The GoodWay 5 map covers the whole world and can be used to monitor your progress in the generated flight plan in real time. It can also search for navaids enroute and airports worldwide while maintaining your progress on the flight path. Detailed layouts and airport information such as nav and com frequencies, runway information and gate positions are easily accessible for any airport, and frequencies can be transferred directly to your radios.

    GoodWay 5 works from X-Plane 10.51 onwards, including X-Plane 11 in Windows (64 bit) or Mac (64 bit).

    The Package

    The ability to try out a new item before we buy it is always a good thing as it gives us the chance to check out the functionality and compatibility of the product before committing to it. In my opinion, it is also a display of confidence by the developer in their product. I'm pleased to say that GoodWay 5 are among such developers, and a free demo of Flight Planner has been made available for download at http://www.xpgoodway.com

    The demo is time limited, with slightly reduced functionality, but it is able to give us a feel for the product. A license is available at the above mentioned web site for the cost of 25 Euros which, when entered into the package, will give us full functionality. The installation of GoodWay 5 is simplicity itself. Once downloaded, we just unzip the folder and place it into our X-Plane > Resources > Plugins folder and that's it.


    Let's now explore the use of GoodWay 5 in detail.

    Due to its 'plug-in' format, it uses very little of X-Plane's valuable resources, making it ideal for lower spec computers. The plugin sits idly in X-Plane, going unnoticed until we call upon it. To employ GoodWay 5's flight planner, all we have to do is bring up our 'Plugins' menu and select the GoodWay option. From here you will see 'Map', 'Flight Plan', 'Aircraft', 'Preference' and 'About' sub menus.

    Our flight today, in a Cessna 172, will take us from EGHC Lands End Saint Just Airport in the picturesque southwest of England, to the metropolis of EGCC Manchester International Airport in the northwest. First, position your aircraft at EGHC in X-Plane and select the Menu Plugins > GoodWay > Map. We now see a window of our airport in red, with our aircraft nicely positioned there.

    GoodWay 5 flight planner for X-Plane

    1. RatRace's Avatar
      RatRace -
      As always, an excellent tutorial by Paul Mort !
    1. DominicS's Avatar
      DominicS -
      Quote Originally Posted by RatRace View Post
      As always, an excellent tutorial by Paul Mort !
      Totally agree RatRace. Paul's numerous contributions to the community are second only to his passion for flight.

      GoodWay looks like a must have purchase for the avid X-Plane simmer.

      Many thanks Paul on another great article.
    1. kjcollins's Avatar
      kjcollins -
      It all seems a bit dated for me, cannot create user fixes for SID and STAR very disappointing.
    1. P.e.g.a.s.u.s's Avatar
      P.e.g.a.s.u.s -
      Sounds real good. But as of today 8th May 2015, the listed price on their website is 25€.

    1. jettlagg's Avatar
      jettlagg -
      I like that but a bit pricy.
    1. ijonesfr's Avatar
      ijonesfr -
      Quote Originally Posted by kjcollins View Post
      It all seems a bit dated for me, cannot create user fixes for SID and STAR very disappointing.
      GoodWay 5.2.0 will be available during Summer will use X-Plane SID & STAR Database...
    1. johnmmetcalfe's Avatar
      johnmmetcalfe -
      Seems like you cannot drag this to a second monitor. Until that option is built in, which XP11 allows, I won't purchase. It does have some nice features and is tempting at the price.
    1. ijonesfr's Avatar
      ijonesfr -
      Dear johnmmetcalfe, you are right, it is impossible to do it for a plugin because plugin manager do not allow it. But, I'm in contact with x-plane team to have it possible ASAP
      Keep connected, ...
    1. Burt2004's Avatar
      Burt2004 -
      Quote Originally Posted by ijonesfr View Post
      GoodWay 5.2.0 will be available during Summer will use X-Plane SID & STAR Database...
      This sounds good. My primary reason for holding off purchasing GoodWay was the lack of SID/STAR database (I use SkyVector to plan my flights which incorporates SID/STARS). The only other wishlist item I have is real time weather incorporated with flightplan avoidance logic.
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