• Review: Drzewiecki Design – Polish Airports Volume 1 v4

    Polish Airports Volume 1 V4

    Publisher: Drzewiecki Design

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    Michael Hayward

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    Drzewiecki Design Polish Airports volume 4     Drzewiecki Design Polish Airports volume 4     Drzewiecki Design Polish Airports volume 4

    Polish Airports Volume 1, is the largest of a four part series created by the talented team over at Drzewiecki Design. Volume 1 is their flagship package, and includes flight simulator scenery of the following airports: Gdansk Lech Walesa Airport (EPGD), Katowice International Airport (EPKT), the newly opened Lublin Swidnik Airport (EPLB) and my favorite of the lot, the Rzeszow-Jasionka Airport (EPRZ/EPRJ).

    Being half Polish and having been to two of the airports in this package (visiting family and friends), I was eager to see how they performed within FSX/P3D.

    Before we move on to the review however, you might be interested to know, that FlightSim.Com, interviewed the team at Drzewiecki Design a while back, and you can read the article here.


    Drzewiecki Design Polish Airports volume 4     Drzewiecki Design Polish Airports volume 4     Drzewiecki Design Polish Airports volume 4


    Drzewiecki Design's installer is a thing of beauty (unlike some others I could mention)! Why? Well there's no key or serial to enter, no tedious online activation, just a simple registration process, which takes seconds to complete.

    When the installation is complete, you are asked to install an additional program which adds jet bridges and other items to the airport. This program is called the SimObjectDisplayEngine. There are also options to enable or disable the static parked aircraft at each airport, and also if you wish the scenery to be compatible with AES (Airport Enhancement Services).

    Once you have decided on which extras you want enabled, the installer will automatically add the airports to your FSX/P3D scenery list.

    Note: Volume 1 originally contained only three airports, however, in this update, there is a forth airport which needs to be manually installed. In this case, the airport in question is Gdansk Airport. Adding this manually to the scenery library is no big deal for the seasoned simmer, but...it would have been nice to see it added to the 'package' installer.

    Drzewiecki Design Polish Airports volume 4     Drzewiecki Design Polish Airports volume 4     Drzewiecki Design Polish Airports volume 4


    Documentation consists of a manual which details (at some length) the history of each of the airports contained in the package. Each airport also has its own list of charts (SIDS and STARS included), along with a taxiway map and airport layout diagram. Having this added documentation really helps in getting to know the individual airports.

    Structures and Facilities

    Since joining the EU, the Polish Government has spent millions of euros improving airport infrastructure. This has led to new terminals being built at numerous airports, and as such, this scenery package includes the 2007 Katowice Terminal B, 2012 Gdansk terminal extension, 2012 Rzeszow terminal B (Terminal A has since closed to the public) and the 2012 opening of Lublin Airport.

    All of the airports contained in this Volume 1 package are modeled to an exceptionally high standard and look the part. I say to a high standard because many of the designs used for the terminals would present quite a challenge to even the most seasoned 3D modeler. Not only have the team managed to get both the look and feel right, but minor details, which could have been easily forgotten, have also been included.

    1. DominicS's Avatar
      DominicS -
      Nice review Michael, many thanks!
    1. W33's Avatar
      W33 -
      I have quite a few sceneries from Drzewiecki Design and each one has been a worthwhile purchase.

      Good review

    1. betelgeuse's Avatar
      betelgeuse -
      Nothing about AI? Hopefully better than Baku.
      And, did you test the scenery in P3D v3.4?

    1. DrawyahGames's Avatar
      DrawyahGames -
      Quote Originally Posted by betelgeuse View Post
      Nothing about AI? Hopefully better than Baku.
      And, did you test the scenery in P3D v3.4?

      AI Aircraft do fly to these airports and follow correct ground paths to gates. Are you asking if it comes with any or if they just work here? Likewise I can assume that Baku AI aircraft do not work properly.

      As for the Baku scenery itself, this scenery does not have a completely modelled interior but textures on the exteriors of models. This one is really personal preference to which you prefer - Modern stylish Baku or Older worn down Poland.

      I do not personally own P3D so this I could not personally test. Their packages are fully P3D 1/2/3 compatible, so I do not see why not. There is also a demo avalible, so you can actually also check this one yourself!
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