• Gladiator MK II Joystick

    Gladiator MK II Joystick

    The best joystick you'll ever lay your hands on.

    The Gladiator MKII Joystick is the most precise and durable joystick you will ever put your hands on.

    • Sturdy feel and construction
    • Hyper precise joystick thanks to contact-less sensors
    • Strong non-slippery base

    For the new Mk.II, the trigger is now made from Polycarbonate (PC), which is more flexible and less brittle than that of the previous Gladiator generation. In the heat of the battle, it flexes, rather than breaks! A small high-precision metal axle was added to the centering mechanism, which acts on the pitch axis for less slack and more accuracy around the center of the stick.


    • New and improved centering mechanism for the Mk.II
    • New and improved trigger for the Mk.II
    • WWII KG12 grip replica
    • Right-hand grip design
    • Ergonomic grip angle
    • Pitch, roll & twist (rudder) axes
    • Throttle axis
    • Sturdy internal structure for long use
    • Metal base-plate for stability
    • Silicone feet for strong surface grip


    • Contactless MaRS sensors (X, Y, Z axes) with High Resolution
    • 32-bit ARM Controller
    • 17 Programmable Buttons
    • 29 Total Logical Buttons Using Shift/Mode Functions
    • 1 Hat-Switch (8-way)
    • 2 LEDs (Mode Selection)
    • Plug & Play with Driver-Free Installation (Recommended for Most Users)
    • Firmware Upgrade via USB
    • Onboard Memory for Storing Profiles
    • Port for Connecting VKB-Sim Rudder Pedals
    • USB 2.0
    • Optional Programming Software Available ( windows only)
    • Calibrate Axes - Create Deadzones
    • Save and Load Profiles - Adjust Axes Resolutions

    Works with FSX, X-Plane and most other flight simulators.

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    1. RollandS's Avatar
      RollandS -
      Nels is correct: "The best joystick you'll ever get your hands on". 'Just purchased one and have it calibrated in both X-Plane 10 & 11. Moving from the Thrustmaster T-Flight Hotas X, this stick corrects all the control issues I was never able to calibrate out in the past. I was amazed at the very first flight in a 172 how smoothly the aircraft transitioned from the runway to full flight without any of the squeaky springs and twitchy movements of the TMaster. The TMaster is an adequate stick, but not even in the same class as the Gladiator. It has made both versions of X-Plane even more enjoyable. Get one! It will be money well-spent.
    1. OgMan's Avatar
      OgMan -
      Shame on you Nels. When I want to see a review of a product I expect to read the reviewer's impression of said product NOT a paste of the copy written by the manufacturer used for advertising and marketing the product.

      Your "review" (and it sticks in my throat to even use that term) is a lazy effort and may even indicate that you have not even experienced this controller.
    1. OgMan's Avatar
      OgMan -
      This is NOT a review. It is a copy of the marketing copy used to sell the product.
    1. Nels_Anderson's Avatar
      Nels_Anderson -
      Well, no kidding, this definitely is NOT a review and does not claim to be. It's published in our "News" section. The reason why it looks like "copy written by the manufacturer" is because that's exactly what it is.

      I do hope you understand the difference between "News" and "Reviews".
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