• Perfect Flight - Fly The Heavies Extended Edition

    Perfect Flight - Fly The Heavies Extended Edition

    Fly the largest airliners in the world in a unique product available for your Flight Simulator X. The Extended Edition is an enhancement of the best seller Fly The Heavies with new planes, liveries and a completely rewritten set of mission which also includes new challenging flights, approach plates and IFR routes. These Missions are more structured adventures that teach you flight simulation basics and help to advance your career as a pilot of heavy planes.

    Fly The Heavies includes:

    • Airbus A380 - Northwest, Edelweiss, Malaysia Airlines, Qantas, Singapore Airlines
    • Boeing 747-400 - Transaero Airlines, China Airlines, Japan Air Lines, Air France
    • Boeing 777-300 - American Airlines, British Airways, Swiss International, Austrian Airlines
    • Lockheed L1011 Tristar - Pan Am, United Airlines, BWIA International, Globe Jet, PSA
    • McDonnell Douglas MD-11 - Alitalia, American Airlines, Shanghai Airlines, World Airways, Swiss International
    • Fully animated moving parts with superb interior views. Cockpit views includes: Right and Left Seat, Radio Stack, Overhead Panel, Engine Controls. External views includes: Right and Left Side , Landing Gear, Tail, Right and Left Wing; FSX Camera
    • Detailed Instrument Panels - Panels are very realistic with new custom XML gauges and bitmaps.
    • Sounds - Engines sound was recorded in "stereo" mode in order to assure the exact sound origin source perception.
    • Mission Pack - Enjoy 31 new missions with a mix of Challenges, Approach and IFR flights. Challenges test your agility and proficiency as a pilot and refine your abilities in the cockpit. Landing in a variety of difficult in less-than-ideal conditions. Put your agility skills to the test as you navigate twisting paths. Fly over, around, and through scenic vistas in an attempt to collect as many rings as you can before the timer runs out.
    • PES - (Passengers Entertainment System) - Missions also features the exclusive PES (Passengers Entertainment System), fully customizable with your own sound tracks.
    • Complete documentation. Product includes Airport info and charts for all destination and an usefull User Guide

    Perfect Flight - Fly The Heavies flight simulator adventure pack

    Purchase Perfect Flight - Fly The Heavies Extended Edition

    If you own the original version of the Fly The Heavies Extended, you can get the Update Pack. The Update Pack will update the original Fly The Heavies to the Fly The Heavies Extended Edition. Be sure to read the requirements for the Update Pack before purchasing it.

    Purchase Perfect Flight - Fly The Heavies Extended for FSX Update Only

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      Can the instruments be opened in a different window, undocked and moved to another monitor in multiple monitor setups?
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