• BC Sceneries - Genova Complete for X-Plane

    BC Sceneries - Genova Complete for X-Plane

    This scenery is made of the city of Genova (northern Italy) and her city airport LIMJ Cristoforo Colombo - Genova Sestri.

    Genova is a city of 600,000 inhabitants with a metropolitan area of 1,500,000 inhabitants. It features the the second most important harbor on the Mediterranean sea, and an ancient port from which started the travel of Cristoforo Colombo (Christopher Columbus), who is famed for discovering the American continent in 1492.

    The city of Genova is placed between the sea and the mountains.

    The scenery covers an area of 17 square kilometers including the airport, the harbor, the ancient port and industrial areas with several hundred buildings, architectural complexes and objects including ships, cranes, containers and so on. The city of Genova with her residential areas cover a surface of 45 square kilometers.

    This scenery does NOT include updated residential areas and relies on the the default scenery. If you want you can add to Genova COMPLETE scenery, the W2XP (World to X-Plane) scenery (FREE) that is fully compatible with Genova COMPLETE. The W2XP scenery provides autogen in residential areas.

    BC Sceneries - Genova Complete for X-Plane

    This has NOT been fully tested with X-Plane 10 HD Mesh Scenery v3. If you install HD Mesh Scenery v3 you may find a few buildings in the harbor and the ancient port that are partially submerged by the updated terrain.

    Scenery Features

    • LIMJ International airport and the city of Genova complete with all detailed buildings
    • Advanced modeling and texturing techniques, all models are pre-rendered day and night
    • Photorealistic ground textures day and night
    • LIMJ documentation by ENAV included
    • Fully compatible with X-Plane 10. It is even compatible with XP11 but it does NOT use the new features provided by the simulator to improve the airport area, such as animated ground services. An X-Plane 11 version is expected soon.
    • Requires Europe scenery by Laminar Research (included with X-Plane 10) needed


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