• Flysimware - Cessna 441 Conquest II v2.1

    Flysimware - Cessna 441 Conquest II

    Changes In Revision 2.1 Include

    New Features

    • Copilot attitude gauge now can be caged
    • Copilot attitude gauge has a new tooltip
    • Wheel chocks can only show if the parking brake is on and engines off when selecting the option
    • Added a upper lubber line to the OBI gauge texture

    Bugs And Updates

    • Vibration with parking brake on fixed
    • Cabin pressure knob no longer will get stuck
    • Copilot attitude pitch and bank degrees updated for accuracy
    • Copilot attitude texture updated for consistent color

    Flight Dynamics

    • Pitch performance updated

    Cessna 441 Conquest II

    The Cessna 441 Conquest II was the first turboprop powered by Cessna and filled the gap between their jets and piston engine aircraft. Developed in 1974 and delivered in 1977. Pressurized, 8-9 passenger turbine is a development of the Cessna 404. The gear has tricycle landing gear system and the engines are powered by two Garrett TPE331 turboprops two four bladed McCauley or Hartzell propellers. The majority of Cessna 441's have been upgraded to TPE331-10 engines in place of the earlier versions. The modification reduces maintenance costs while increasing horsepower, service ceiling, fuel efficiency and range. These conversions have a higher resale value over the original model. Converting from the standard three blade propellers to a smaller diameter Hartzell four blade propellers results improves climb rate by 200 FPM. The Conquest has been operated by corporate owners, air charter operators and exported to many Countries which are still in use today.

    Flysimware has designed this specific aircraft since Flysimware's beta captain has flown this aircraft and is very familiar with this specific model. With hundreds of hours and custom coding we have brought you the most realistic Garrett turboprop simulation aircraft on the market. Due to FSX limitations on the turboprop engines we have worked around the coding to produce a linked prop shaft direct to the prop and being the first company to simulate a real world Garrett turboprop system.

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