• Alabeo - Piper PA22 Tri Pacer

    Alabeo - Piper PA22 Tri Pacer


    • Realistic behavior
    • Superb material shines and reflections
    • Volumetric side view prop effect
    • Dynamic propeller shines effect
    • High quality 3D model and textures
    • Blank texture for creating your own designs


    • 4 HD liveries
    • 1 blank texture
    • Alabeo GNS530 PDF
    • Normal procedures PDF
    • Emergency procedures PDF
    • Performance tables PDF
    • Recommended settings PDF


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    Alabeo - Piper PA22 Tri Pacer

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    1. SATJET's Avatar
      SATJET -
      I have this great AlabeoTri-Pacer product and was waiting for its release. This was my first real aircraft owned back in 1969 and learned to fly in it and get my Privates. It had a Black Bubble cowl underneath fuselage which housed an auto Pilot system and was the only one I ever ran into during my six year of ownership with this feature.. This Alabeo Tri-Pacer flying characteristics, engine sounds are as I remember them. My real Tri-Pacer was a 1960 version with 160 hp engine and with wheel Pants. I could cruise at around 130- 140 kts at 75% power on 6 gph. The Alabeo is about 20 kts slower and may be based on a 150 hp engine.. I also had a cruise prop installed and toe brakes and had key start put on panel as represented in this model, ( use to be located between the seats below facing foreword originally.) Many owners were putting metal on fuselage back then but they paid a price by losing 15 kts airspeed and 2 gph fuel increase due the higher weight of the aircraft. Most of us flew at gross wt or above. The aircraft also had an interesting fact *** it did not have a best glide rate speed, it had a Decent rate as gliding was not an asset of the Tri-Pacer along with high gear and short turning radius meant taxing too fast and turning could tip wing to ground, by the way Alabeo Aircraft has this effect correct.

      I also have the Lionheart of this aircraft which represented the 1956 and earlier of the aircraft but had issues with taxing as it acted more like a float plane wobbling in water. Fixed that with Tweak.

      Want to fly a great plane with nothing fancy this is it. Stabily has been a great trademark and Alabeo put that in on this one. Price is fair as well.

      I only wish Alabeo would have created a non-worn interior and paint as most owners took great love and pride in this great planes and still do to this date. Wish I still had mine.

      I an anxiously awaiting the C-310R II to be released as I had several C-310's in my life time.

      Capt Harrington
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