• X-Plane 11 Default FMC Tutorial

    Discontinuity Errors

    You may see the word 'Discontinuity' on the screen of the FMC. The explanation in a nutshell for this, is shown below (Figure 15).

    X-Plane FMC
    Figure 15

    The above image shows the flight plan of an aircraft with 4 waypoints programmed into the FMC. Marked in magenta is the route it will take from the first to the fourth waypoint. According to the arrival runway data we supplied, the FMC works the approach out shown in blue. Because the last waypoint, number 4 we entered, is not the same point as the first approach point, the FMC tells us there is discontinuity or dead space between waypoint 4 and approach point 1, which is not accounted for in the flight plan.

    X-Plane FMC
    Figure 16
    X-Plane FMC
    Figure 17

    So, looking at pages 1 and 2 (Figure 16 and Figure 17) of the ACT LEGS, we have a discontinuity between our last waypoint of RETSI and our first approach waypoint of CI27. Fortunately, this is easy to correct. Just click button L1 on page 2 (CI27) which puts CI27 into the scratchpad. Now click on button L5 on page 1 (Discontinuity). This effectively removes the discontinuity and stitches the two parts of the flight plan together (Figure 18).

    X-Plane FMC
    Figure 18

    The easiest way to tell if your FMC has been successfully programmed, is to look at your screen, and if you are following a magenta line, then it is indeed correctly programmed (Figure 19). So following the standard autopilot procedure, we can get the aircraft to fly the complete route, and if we use VNAV, you can also observe the stated altitudes.

    Figure 19

    I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and by the end of it, feel clearer about getting the best out of the default FMC in X-Plane 11.

    Regards, Paul.

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    1. DominicS's Avatar
      DominicS -
      Great tutorial Paul; this helped me quite a bit!

      Many thanks!
    1. cactus jack's Avatar
      cactus jack -
      Outstanding...ended some of my programming struggles. Many thanks from a newbie to FMC flying
    1. ronb62's Avatar
      ronb62 -
      thanks, this was the best in giving me a clue about solving discontinuity errors
    1. RodTod's Avatar
      RodTod -
      This was desperately needed by us! THANK YOU!
    1. mattrauch's Avatar
      mattrauch -
      Would it be possible to get the entire tutorial as a .pdf file so I could save and print it?
    1. DeLiverpool's Avatar
      DeLiverpool -
      Quote Originally Posted by mattrauch View Post
      Would it be possible to get the entire tutorial as a .pdf file so I could save and print it?
      Nifty little tutorial indeed. Thank you, much appreciated.

      mattrauch: I think I can PDF it for you, i made myself a .docx file, just as printable.
    1. Gio350D's Avatar
      Gio350D -
      Despite to same fsx fmc, there isn't settings for fuel, cost, weights...is there?
    1. Rob4play's Avatar
      Rob4play -
      Boy! This is what I was looking for! Now, if I can only figure out how to make that area just below L6 and R6 accept ANY data, I might be able to get this turkey off the ground. .... Actually, I did get off the ground; I got impatient to fly and took my Laminar 737-800 off from Manchester. Any thoughts why I can't enter data????
    1. johnyyz's Avatar
      johnyyz -
      How do you save the flightplan ???????
    1. gkkes's Avatar
      gkkes -
      Quote Originally Posted by johnyyz View Post
      How do you save the flightplan ???????
      You need first to input the title into the scratchpad, say EGCCEGKK01
      Then press RSK3 - SAVE ROUTE

      Hope this helps
    1. OldSchoolEagle2018's Avatar
      OldSchoolEagle2018 -
      good tutorial, and I would like to add that after your route is programmed, you can check it by ( x737-800) going to the NAV console and switching MDU to MAP and then on the FMC it will then show STEP. This function will step through each waypoint entered and show this progress on the MDU...
    1. TeeOffTowersey's Avatar
      TeeOffTowersey -
      I successfully saved the same route Bristol to M/ch but when I load it in Xplane 11, the saitek yoke, pedals and throttle controls do not work, even after hitting the "P" button to unfreeze the program!! Any clues please?
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