• X-Plane 11 Default FMC Tutorial

    Keeping with the same image of the FMC (Figure 3), in order to simplify which of the twelve soft keys to press (six on the left and six on the right), refer to the following:

    X-Plane FMC
    Figure 3

    Firstly, by pressing key L1 over on the top left-hand corner, we are taken to the STATUS page (Figure 4) which gives details of the current state of the navaid database. This is not important to the route but is still shown nevertheless, for completeness.

    X-Plane FMC
    Figure 4
    X-Plane FMC
    Figure 5

    Now for the first element of entering our data for the current route.

    If you press the key R6 it will bring up the DATABASE page (Figure 5).

    We enter our data, using the alpha numeric keys, into the area known as the scratchpad between the cyan square brackets. To clear the scratchpad of any previous data, press the CLR key on the bottom right-hand corner. Having entered our Departure ICAO (in this case it will be EGCC) into the scratchpad, we then transfer that into the IDENT position by pressing L1. What were originally four dashes, now change to our Departure ICAO and our starting airport data is displayed (top right).


    Now it's time to enter our waypoints into the FMC which is done by clicking the FPLN key, outlined in red (Figure 6). We are presented with the ACT FLPN screen into which we can enter the origin airport, destination airport and navaids required, as our flight plan shows. As before, clear the scratchpad of any data and type in the departure airport (EGCC). L1 transfers it to the ORIGIN boxes. Notice that when a successful transfer occurs, the scratchpad becomes empty again. Now for the destination. Type our destination airport (EGGD) into the scratchpad and transfer it to DEST using R1.

    CO ROUTE is optional and is the company route for fuel usage. It is not covered in this tutorial so we will leave it blank.

    The FLT NO displayed below the destination data on the screen (Figure 7) is our flight number which can be anything you like, so we'll use XP737 and transfer it to R3. Our first waypoint is MONTY at 43 miles, 229 degrees, so input it into the scratchpad and transfer to R5. Doing this will show a direct route to the waypoint. We could also enter a designated airway name into L5, in which case the route would be via that airway to the waypoint, but we'll leave it blank this time in order to get a more direct route.

    X-Plane FMC
    Figure 6
    X-Plane FMC
    Figure 7

    In Figure 7 you will notice that a cyan bar lights up above the EXEC button after we enter our data. This is asking for confirmation that our details are correct. Hit the EXEC button to confirm this and the light will go off again. Failure to do this whenever the EXEC button is lit will result in the aircraft not following the flight plan. Our first waypoint is entered, and to continue with more, we now need to view our ACT LEGS page (Figure 8), by clicking the LEGS button situated below the FPLN key.

    X-Plane FMC
    Figure 8
    X-Plane FMC
    Figure 9

    We need to enter the next waypoint, RETSI, into L4 in the ACT LEGS page. Remember to hit that EXEC button too! Don't enter the destination airport as we have already specified that in the ACT FLPN page.

    That's it for the waypoints.

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    1. DominicS's Avatar
      DominicS -
      Great tutorial Paul; this helped me quite a bit!

      Many thanks!
    1. cactus jack's Avatar
      cactus jack -
      Outstanding...ended some of my programming struggles. Many thanks from a newbie to FMC flying
    1. ronb62's Avatar
      ronb62 -
      thanks, this was the best in giving me a clue about solving discontinuity errors
    1. RodTod's Avatar
      RodTod -
      This was desperately needed by us! THANK YOU!
    1. mattrauch's Avatar
      mattrauch -
      Would it be possible to get the entire tutorial as a .pdf file so I could save and print it?
    1. DeLiverpool's Avatar
      DeLiverpool -
      Quote Originally Posted by mattrauch View Post
      Would it be possible to get the entire tutorial as a .pdf file so I could save and print it?
      Nifty little tutorial indeed. Thank you, much appreciated.

      mattrauch: I think I can PDF it for you, i made myself a .docx file, just as printable.
    1. Gio350D's Avatar
      Gio350D -
      Despite to same fsx fmc, there isn't settings for fuel, cost, weights...is there?
    1. Rob4play's Avatar
      Rob4play -
      Boy! This is what I was looking for! Now, if I can only figure out how to make that area just below L6 and R6 accept ANY data, I might be able to get this turkey off the ground. .... Actually, I did get off the ground; I got impatient to fly and took my Laminar 737-800 off from Manchester. Any thoughts why I can't enter data????
    1. johnyyz's Avatar
      johnyyz -
      How do you save the flightplan ???????
    1. gkkes's Avatar
      gkkes -
      Quote Originally Posted by johnyyz View Post
      How do you save the flightplan ???????
      You need first to input the title into the scratchpad, say EGCCEGKK01
      Then press RSK3 - SAVE ROUTE

      Hope this helps
    1. OldSchoolEagle2018's Avatar
      OldSchoolEagle2018 -
      good tutorial, and I would like to add that after your route is programmed, you can check it by ( x737-800) going to the NAV console and switching MDU to MAP and then on the FMC it will then show STEP. This function will step through each waypoint entered and show this progress on the MDU...
    1. TeeOffTowersey's Avatar
      TeeOffTowersey -
      I successfully saved the same route Bristol to M/ch but when I load it in Xplane 11, the saitek yoke, pedals and throttle controls do not work, even after hitting the "P" button to unfreeze the program!! Any clues please?
    1. slicker55's Avatar
      slicker55 -
      well done - a very useful guide which covers the basics to get you up and running very quickly...
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