• vFlyteAir - Cherokee 140 G With Aspen E1000

    vFlyteAir - Cherokee 140 G with Aspen E1000 for X-Plane

    Avionics Package

    • Custom Aspen E1000 Primary Flight Display created by Mario Donick
    • GNS 530 GPS (primary) and GNS 430 GPS (secondary)
    • Garmin GTX327 Transponder with custom features including Pressure Altitude, automated Flight Timer, Count Up Timer and Count Down Timer
    • STEC 55x autopilot with HDG, VOR, GPS, ALT and VS modes.
    • Backup analog gauges including altimeter, NAV2 OBS, ASI
    • PS Engineering PMA 7000B audio panel with simulated Bluetooth music. Original music soundtrack by "rundio" (rundiomusic.com) included.

    Custom Features

    • All instrument panel knobs support mouse scroll-wheel manipulation
    • On-screen situation-aware warnings & notificationsincluding "Open Throttle 1/2" During Engine Start," "Adjust Mixture," "Close and Latch Passenger Door," "Remove Wheel Chocks," "Left Fuel Tank Low," and "Right Fuel Tank Low"
    • On-screen pop up Control Menu provides various controls and special views
    • Custom situation-aware sounds with internal and external engine/prop sounds and simulated stereo and Doppler effects
    • 3D propeller disc effect
    • Custom HDR interior and exterior lights (NOTE: Interior lights require HDR to be ON in X-Plane)
    • Custom strobe light staggered flash sequence controlled by plugin
    • Custom engine startup if the engine is cold, it will take longer to start
    • Wheel fairings can be added via the Control Menu wheel pants reduce drag by approximately 2%
    • Custom motion effects on spinning wheels

    vFlyteAir - Cherokee 140 G with G1000 for X-Plane

    • Custom logic for passenger door open/close adds realism
    • Autopilot is capable of performing GPS flight plan following and RNAV approaches, as well as ILS approaches
    • "Pop-up" version of the Aspen PFD available for convenience. Click anywhere on the Aspen screen to open/close the enlarged pop-up display. Click and drag the upper portion of the popup panel to move it around the screen
    • All radio volumes can be adjusted by using their volume knobs
    • Custom sounds include engine starter, engine idle, engine shutdown, custom ground roll sounds, radio squelch, fuel primer, knobs and switches
    • Simulated headphones click the pilot-side headphone jacks to "wear" the headphones engine sounds will be attenuated
    • (9) liveries created specially for this model
    • Custom engine vibration effects exhaust pipe, ignition key, ailerons and stabilator vibrate slightly according to engine RPM
    • Fuses and circuit breakers are functional
    • Fully animated 3D model
    • Super Hi-res texture graphics and NORMAL textures
    • Realistic flight characteristics based on real-world experience flying a Cherokee 140

    X-Plane 10.50 or newer is required.

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    1. sd_flyer's Avatar
      sd_flyer -
      Apen is not G1000. G1000 is garmin
    1. DominicS's Avatar
      DominicS -
      Quote Originally Posted by sd_flyer View Post
      Apen is not G1000. G1000 is garmin
      Avionics Package

      Custom Aspen E1000 Primary Flight Display created by Mario Donick

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