• Review: Milviz - JU-87 D.5/G.2 Stuka

    Junkers JU-87 Stuka

    Publisher: Milviz

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    Ray Andersen

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    The JU-87 Sturzkampfflugzeug, alias "Stuka" is a Second World War German dive bomber built by Junkers. It features a twin seat tandem configuration where the back seat is a gunner's position facing backwards. The D and G-series of JU-87 were both powered by a three-bladed Junkers Jumo 211J liquid-cooled inverted V12 engine powering 1420 PS (1,400 hp) and was a notorious and feared aircraft of that era.

    One of the main characteristics of the Stuka was the inverted gull wings and the dive siren that spread fear in all troops under an attack. The Stuka was designed by Hermann Pohlman and had the first flight back in 1935. It quickly made it to the Luftwaffe's Condor Legion where it became famous for its accuracy and effectiveness towards ground targets. However the Stuka was not very agile and was therefore very vulnerable in air-to-air combat situations.

    Several variants were built but this review will focus on the D5 and G2 versions. The D-version is the bomber version whereas the G-version was fitted with two 37mm (1.46in) cannons with armor-piercing tungsten carbide-cored ammunition.

    General Information & Aircraft Specs

    Milviz Ju-88 Stuka
    Produced by Junkers
    First Flight 17th of September 1935
    Introduction 1936
    Role Dive Bomber
    Status Retired in 1945
    Built 6500 (estimated)
    Designer Hermann Pohlmann
    Primary Users Germany (The Luftwaffe)
    Regia Aeronautica
    Royal Romanian Air Force
    Bulgarian Air Force
    Milviz Ju-88 Stuka
    Crew: 2
    Power Plant: Junkers Jumo 211J
    Propeller: 3-bladed - 3.4m
    Wing Span: 13.80 m
    Wing Area: 31.90 m2
    Empty Weight: 2,810 - 3,600 kgs
    MTOW: 5,100 - 5,720 kgs
    Max Speed: 344 - 354 km/h
    Never Exceed 600 km/h
    Range 1,000 - 1,165 km
    Armament: 3x 7.92 machine guns
    4x 100kgs bombs (wing) (D)
    1x 500/1000 kgs bomb (center) (D)
    2x 37mm Flak 18 cannons (G)

    Purchase, Download & Installation

    I purchased the JU-87 Stuka through the www.FSPilotShop.com and as always the purchase and download went without any issues. The connection to the download server at FSP is very good and the download only took a few moments. This add-on is a file of about 208 MB which puts it in the category of small to medium size payware aircraft. There are no license keys, registration online/offline or serial numbers required to use this add-on.

    Milviz Ju-88 Stuka     Milviz Ju-88 Stuka

    The installation was super quick and the installation wizard was very user friendly with an "auto-find" for the correct FSX location. Included in the add-on is an installation wizard for both FSX, FSX SE and P3D v1.4 - I have only tested the FSX version which went perfectly.

    The JU-87 Stuka package contains two different models where one is the JU-87D dive bomber used for bombing targets and the second one is the JU-87G that is equipped with two 37mm cannons and serves as an anti-tank aircraft.

    For each model there are a total of eight liveries giving a grand total of sixteen liveries to choose from in the virtual hangar. All liveries are unique and are perfectly shown in the virtual hangar, so that if I select the white camouflage version then that is also the aircraft that appears after selection. All liveries are correctly located under the "Milviz" dropdown in the virtual hangar but unfortunately there is no blank livery included for livery-designers - this however can be downloaded from Milviz's web site.

    1. ncflyboy66's Avatar
      ncflyboy66 -
      I was a Beta Tester for this model during development. Hands down, if you're a WW2 Aircraft Fan this model is an excellent buy. You get a lot features for the price.
    1. schalkekahn's Avatar
      schalkekahn -
      Sounds awesome.
    1. ianwarren's Avatar
      ianwarren -
      Most highly recommend, It will take you back and give you an understanding how vulnerable these aircraft world have been against any fighter opposition, a Great choice by the creators and the MILVIZ team and so detailed.
    1. CHRISRD's Avatar
      CHRISRD -
      Quote "the IAS gauge has a center legend (inside the gauge) stating "km/h" which I am quite sure would not be the correct term in German, since hour = "stunde", but I know that is tiny detail, though important detail in my opinion."

      From everything I've pulled off the internet and looking through several of my aircraft reference books the "Km/H" is the accurate marking.
    1. RaysAviation's Avatar
      RaysAviation -
      Quote Originally Posted by CHRISRD View Post
      Quote "the IAS gauge has a center legend (inside the gauge) stating "km/h" which I am quite sure would not be the correct term in German, since hour = "stunde", but I know that is tiny detail, though important detail in my opinion."

      From everything I've pulled off the internet and looking through several of my aircraft reference books the "Km/H" is the accurate marking.

      Hi ChrisRD,
      I was just wondering about a German aircraft from WWII using what seems to be an English term in one of the gauges - that just doesn't seem correct. I actually do speek German and the term in German would be stundenkilometer but how this is shown as an abbreviation I am uncertain of.
      If it actually is correct then an explanation could be that km = kilometer and the "h" could be from the Latin word "Hora" - I really doubt that the Germans during the world war against the allies used one of the allies abbreviations - that would be a little like if the US adapted some Russian words into e.g. The B2 bomber which I find to me most unlikely.

      Again I cannot confirm the authenticity since I have not been able to view a real JU-87 in real life, but I am just raising a flag on this detail. The gauge and the abbreviation has no impact on the score of the aircraft, which I find to be absolutely awesome.

    1. CHRISRD's Avatar
      CHRISRD -
      Hello Ray,
      I read your latest post and it got me wondering where the "Kilometer" actually began. Well from what I pulled off the WWW the French actually instigated the whole thing. Here is an excerpt from a Wikipedia article on the "Metre Convention" (The whole article was rather interesting if you are like me and into that sort of history stuff.)

      Abuse of units of measures were one of the causes of the French Revolution and its reform was one of the items on the agenda of National Assembly. Talleyrand, an influential leader of the Assembly invited British and American participation in the establishment of a new system, but in the event, the Assembly went it alone and introduced the metre and the kilogram which were to form the basis of the metric system, manufacturing prototypes which, in 1799, were lodged with Archives.[5]

      Between 1850 and 1870, a number of countries adopted the metric system as their system of measure including Spain, many South American republics and many of the Italian and German states (the Netherlands had adopted the system in 1817). In 1863, the International Postal Union used grams to express permitted weights of letters.

      In the 1860s, inspections of the prototype metre revealed wear and tear at the measuring faces of the bar and also that the bar was wont to flex slightly when in use.[5] In view of the doubts being cast on the reproducibility of the metre and the kilogram and the threat that a rival standard might be set up, Napoleon III invited scientists from all the world's nations to attend a conference in Paris. In July 1870, two weeks before the conference was due to start, the Franco-Prussian War broke out. Although the delegates did meet (without a German delegation), it was agreed that the conference should be recalled once all the delegates (including the German delegation) were present.

      France was defeated in the war, Napoleon went into exile and Germany and Italy, now unified nations, adopted the metric system as their national system of units, but with the prototype copy of the kilogram and metre under the control of the Third French Republic.
    1. CHRISRD's Avatar
      CHRISRD -
      By the way Ray, you convinced me to buy the Stuka. Ha-Ha!!!
    1. RaysAviation's Avatar
      RaysAviation -
      Quote Originally Posted by CHRISRD View Post
      By the way Ray, you convinced me to buy the Stuka. Ha-Ha!!!

      Hello Chris,

      Nice and interesting read you found :-)
      Just for info we use km/t in both Denmark and Norway where the "t" is short for "time" which means "hour"... that is one of the reasons why I raised a flag on the legend for the IAS.

      Anyway, I hope you have tried out the Stuka and hopefully likes it. :-)

    1. CHRISRD's Avatar
      CHRISRD -
      "km/t" That's interesting Ray! I didn't know that (among sooo many other things ...Ha-ha!)

      I haven't bought the Stuka just yet but I probably will in the next couple of days. I've always liked the Stuka. I think it was an amazing aircraft and I believe the first to incorporate the automatic pull out function. I still believe it was the best dive bomber of the war. Many people try to compare it to fighter aircraft and say it was inferior but that's ridiculous. That's like comparing the A-10 Warthog to an F14. totally different missions. I'll get back to you with my feelings about the Milviz version.
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