• Radio Navigation Simulator Basic Free App

    Radio Navigation Simulator Basic Free App

    Digital Aviation releases free version of Radio Navigation Simulator app for iPad and iPhone.

    BRISTOL, UK - Digital Aviation announces today, that it has released Radio Navigation Simulator Basic, a free version of its popular IFR flight training app series Radio Navigation Simulator.

    This Basic version of the app is limited in that it has only a single usable training navaid (a combined VOR/DME and NDB) which is located within the existing exercise flight environment of approx 150 x 200 nm, populated with VOR, VOR-DME and NDB Navaids & Airfields, to provide training context.

    It is intended as an introduction and demo to the existing Radio Navigation Simulator series of apps.

    These which are precision 2D flight simulators and training aids, designed for iPad & iPhone, that enable pilots and students to practice, understand and become proficient in the use and management of VOR, DME and ADF/RMI instruments, displayed with an HSI or Directional Gyro on a choice of five realistic flight panels. They operate within an exercise area or a full USA dataset (depending on app version).

    The perfect mobile tool for instructors to demonstrate radio navigation techniques, and for students to consolidate and self test. Experienced pilots will also find the simulator valuable to prepare for an instrument rating or proficiency test.


    • Instrument panel optimised specifically for iPad & iPhone, with full support for retina displays.
    • Scaleable chart with Facilities, Idents, and Aircraft symbols.
    • Aircraft track plot trail is displayed, so you can see your progress and accuracy.
    • Practise tracking to NDB or VOR, Radial interceptions or Holding Patterns.
    • Learn to interpret NAV instruments and DME (with Distance, Groundspeed and ETA).
    • Flight panel and navigation chart simultaneously displayed.
    • Realistic flight panel with the following instruments:
    • VOR, DME, ADF (RMI or RBI) and Directional Gyro.
    • Real world Variation magnetic model with display of current Variation on the Chart.
    • Airspeed range 60 to 600 knots.
    • Altitude management and display.
    • Flight profile in Real or Compressed time.
    • Wind velocity, 0 to 99 kts, from any direction, steady or variable.
    • Dead reckoning navigation capability, with flight environment mapped in Latitude and Longitude.
    • All instruments and chart controlled with an intuitive multi gesture interface.
    • Touch button flying controls.
    • Popup Toolbars & Annunciators to manage flight panel facilities.
    • Quick Start guide provided within the app.

    Radio Navigation Simulator Basic V1.0 is free and available now on the App Store worldwide.


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      No love for the android...
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      Quote Originally Posted by ryan1967 View Post
      No love for the android...

      thankfully android forced Apple to open up its cupboard . . .and if it wasn't for open source coding you would be paying a lot more for every piece of software out there that we take for granted
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