• Review: Infinite Flight C-130 Family

    Review: Infinite Flight C-130 Family

    By Jack Daniels

    In this article, we look at Flying Development Studios' soon to be released variants of the Lockheed Martin C-130 military aircraft for use with Infinite Flight.

    Like all newer aircraft released by FDS, this is top quality, and certainly not one to be missed. So let's dive straight in.

    Flight Model

    The flight model is one of the more interesting things about this new aircraft. Many aspects of its performance are much different to all the aircraft that came before it.

    Infinite Flight C-130

    In real life, the C-130 is one of the most powerful and versatile aircraft to ever be built, and it's the undisputed king of short-field military operations. Not only can it power up to rotation speed surprisingly fast on short, unimproved runways, but can bleed off speed faster than virtually any other aircraft out there, both on the ground and in the air due those four massive props it so gracefully has placed upon it wings.

    I'm happy to say that this seems to have been represented very well in IF as far as, I myself, can tell. Being able to land at 75 KIAS with a light load on a short grass field, and then stop on a dime, is something I had not yet had the experience of before in Infinite Flight, and this opens many new simulation opportunities for military aircraft enthusiasts, and regular users.

    Not yet have users of Infinite Flight been able to carry out any sort of a steep assault approach, but that's set to change. I personally have seen the physics improved, worked on, and validated by the developers and real life pilots over many weeks, and the end product is one of pure quality.

    In summary, whilst flying this aircraft in Infinite Flight, you can be assured that you're very close to where you would otherwise probably be in the same circumstances in real life.

    Infinite Flight C-130

    Modelling And Texturing

    Again, like all new aircraft from FDS, the graphics featured with this new set of C-130's is second to one. The modelling itself appears to be pretty much flawless, but the lovely rendering system of all aircraft in IF coupled with this specific aircraft's 4K textures, is what makes it truly stand out.

    There is also a good variety of interesting and varied (high definition) liveries, totalling 15 across all four aircraft, including the famous "Fat Albert."

    Flight Deck

    The whole C-130 Family features a high resolution, highly detailed cockpit, nicely illuminated by night, and beautifully immersive by day, which has animated moving parts, as does the rest of the aircraft! This is also the first version of Infinite Flight to feature a co-pilot to keep you company. A big well done to their 3D modeller Jarno!


    Other cool features of the C-130 family include the user ability to open, partially open, and close the rear main cargo doors, as well as the side doors, both of the latter exposing quite a nicely modelled interior, in addition to the cannons featured on the AC-130 variant, all of which of course adds to the level of user interactivity in this update.

    Infinite Flight C-130

    Whilst many other aircraft in the sim definitely aren't up to this standard, this adds another four to the list of ones that are, a list that is now quite long, and even more sufficiently varied between aircraft type. This is yet another step in the right direction for FDS, and will be a neat, if slightly unexpected choice of aircraft to grace the skies of Infinite Flight relatively soon. Conclusion - It's a beast to fly, and you're going to love it when you try it out, it's not quite like any other aircraft that you can fly realistically on the mobile market.

    Head over to the Infinite Flight Community to learn more:


    Also, be sure to check out Flightcast, of which there will soon be a new episode featuring not only Jason, but FDS community manager Mark, who we spoke to last time, and his father, an ex C-130 crew member for the military:


    1. b52bob's Avatar
      b52bob -
      Would be neat if you would tell us what sim this is for in the title!
    1. DominicS's Avatar
      DominicS -
      Quote Originally Posted by b52bob View Post
      Would be neat if you would tell us what sim this is for in the title!
      Hi Bob, it's for Infinite Flight:



    1. b52bob's Avatar
      b52bob -
      Thanks. Didn't know it was around. Off to the store to d/l it.
    1. stevefranklin's Avatar
      stevefranklin -
      Quote Originally Posted by DominicS View Post
      Hi Bob, it's for Infinite Flight:



      I never heard of this before. Just watched the trailer. Looks good!
    1. Nels_Anderson's Avatar
      Nels_Anderson -
      We've been posting news about Infinite Flight for about 5 years now. For more information you can also read the interview we did with the developers:

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