• Closure of RealAir Simulations

    RealAir Simulations

    December 1st, 2016

    It is with great sadness that we announce the closure of RealAir Simulations.

    Early in 2015 my partner Carla was diagnosed with aggressive cervical cancer. Early this year, following chemoradiation therapy she was initially told that the treatment had been unsuccessful and was given only 1-2 years to live.

    The great news is that further scans taken several months later suggested the cancer was clearing up, and each scan since then has been good news.

    This period has been a time of tremendous soul searching, for Carla and to a lesser extent myself. As a result of this I have decided to retire from RealAir Simulations. I wish all of our customers the very best and I hope you get many more years of enjoyment from our products.

    All the best,

    Sean Moloney.

    About RealAir Simulations

    RealAir Simulations has been in existence for 16 years and in that time we have made many friends among our loyal customers. Concurrent with Sean's personal situation I have reached retirement age and feel I no longer have the energy to carry on with the level of work our customers have come to expect. It has been a pleasure to be a part of producing simulator products which our customers have enthusiastically supported and enjoyed. We will continue to offer support via email for a reasonable time after the website closes for new business. Thank you for your custom which has been appreciated.

    Rob Young

    1. gmbyrne's Avatar
      gmbyrne -
      Many thanks to Rob and Sean for their first class products and customer service. You can be very proud of your accomplishments as a third-party developer over the past several years. Best wishes to you and your families!

      Gerald Byrne
    1. alex4525's Avatar
      alex4525 -
      Sean, I want to wish you the best of luck. Thank you for your commitment, the time, and energy you put in this hobby.
    1. jdsnow's Avatar
      jdsnow -
      Thank you for the wonderful planes and I wish you and Carla many years of the best of times.
    1. Verlaine's Avatar
      Verlaine -
      Best wishes to Rob and Sean! And many thanks for all the great planes. The RealAir Spitfire is still a benchmark for all things FS9!
    1. Joob's Avatar
      Joob -
      Thank you Real Air, so much. May your Gods bless, keep and guide.
    1. svpst's Avatar
      svpst -
      Love my Duke! Thank you so much for your contribution to this wonderful hobby of ours. But of luck and health to all of you and may you live long and fruitful lives.
    1. GDALE14853's Avatar
      GDALE14853 -
      My very best wishes and hopes for you all! Thank you for your excellent products - they will continue to enhance a lot of flight sims for years to come!

      Another happy 'Duke' flyer
    1. amanlulo's Avatar
      amanlulo -
      Enjoy your lives and thanks for the beautiful products you gave us.
    1. tweedy's Avatar
      tweedy -
      A great loss to flight sim enthusiasts. Their aircraft and support were right up there with the best. The Duke was a masterpiece in quality and design. and remains one of my most flown aircraft. Best wishes.
    1. dresq1027's Avatar
      dresq1027 -
      Sean, great to hear partner is getting better from such a horrible disease. Happy retirement to you both. Thanks for many years of enjoyment.
    1. Dawie777's Avatar
      Dawie777 -
      Thanks so much for your wonderful contributions to the flightsim community. Your Lancair Legacy and Turbo Duke are absolutely awesome and are my all time favorites. Take good care and my best wishes to both of you.
    1. petesmiffy's Avatar
      petesmiffy -
      Thank you for your great designs and all the best wishes for the future. Good luck to you and yours.
    1. stretch's Avatar
      stretch -
      Sean, thank you for the outstanding products through the years.
      You will be missed by Flight Simulation community, we wish you
      happy retirement and good health.

      Aaron Swindle
    1. ianroussel's Avatar
      ianroussel -
      It is very sad that a valued company such has been lost to us all. I can only hope that the designs will be bought by another developer.
    1. betelgeuse's Avatar
      betelgeuse -
      Thanks for beautiful planes and kind support over many years. I wish you well in the future.

      John Hubbard
    1. meloscanlon's Avatar
      meloscanlon -
      Best wishes to you all for much health and happiness in the years to come. I will be forever grateful, and especially for your Spitfires!
    1. jmig's Avatar
      jmig -
      Thank you Rob and Sean for the wonderful products you produced. You have helped provide me with many hours of enjoyment. May you enjoy your retirement.

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