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    The DC-10 is a three-engined, wide-body aircraft built by McDonnell Douglas from 1968 to 1988. It was able to carry up to 380 passengers and was known for its two turbofan engines and a third at the base of the aircraft's vertical stabiliser (tail). It was built as a successor to the DC-8 and was a direct competitor to the Lockheed L-1011 TriStar.

    Early on in its life and throughout the 1970s, the aircraft was plagued with incidents due to a major flaw with the cargo door. The DC-10 was the first aircraft with an outwards opening door which meant that loading crews could utilise the entire cargo space of the aircraft. The design of this door however, meant that it was possible to 'lock' the door without the locking pins being secured. Once the aircraft passed 10,000 feet, the door would rip off due to explosive decompression. This issue was resolved in 1974.

    In 2007, Commercial Level Simulations (CLS) in conjunction with Just Flight, released their DC-10 Collection for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004. A review of this product can be found at FlightSim.Com here. It's well worth reading as you'll be able see how far the new aircraft has progressed.

    With the release of FSX, Just Flight took on the package once more and revamped it to add far more detail than what was possible in FS2004. This development led to the DC-10 Collection HD which is what I'll be reviewing in this article.

    Just Flight DC-10 Collection HD     Just Flight DC-10 Collection HD

    Aircraft Specification

    DC-10-10 DC-10-15 DC-10-30 DC-10-40
    3 (Captain, Co-pilot, Flight Engineer)
    170 ft 6 in (51.97 m)
    155 ft 4 in (47.34 m)
    165 ft 4 in (50.4 m)
    58 ft 1 in (17.7 m)
    Empty Weight
    240,171 lb (108,940 kg)
    266,191 lb
    (120,742 kg)
    270,213 lb
    (122.567 kg)
    Takeoff Weight
    430,000 lb
    (195,045 kg)
    455,000 lb
    (206,384 kg)
    572,000 lb
    (259,459 kg)
    555,000 lb
    (251,701 kg)
    Powerplant GE CG6-6D GE CF6-50C2F GE CF6-50C PW JT9D-59A

    Aircraft Performance

    DC-10-10 DC-10-15 DC-10-30 DC-10-40
    Range 3800 miles
    (6116 km)
    4350 miles
    (7000 km)
    6600 miles
    (10,622 km)
    5750 miles
    (9254 km)
    Service Ceiling
    42,000 ft (12,802 m)
    Top Speed
    Mach 0.88 (490 kt, 564 mph, 908 km/h)
    Takeoff Run
    8612 ft
    (2625 m)
    7257 ft
    (2212 m)
    9341 ft
    (2847 m)
    9242 ft
    (2817 m)

    Download & Installation

    Installation of the aircraft was easy. Via the FSPilotShop, you are provided with a 391 MB zip file that includes two folders: Assets and Product Files.

    Inside the 'Product Files' folder lies the executable installer which Windows SmartScreen informs you is a potential risk (on my system at least). If this warning happens to you, simply proceed with the installation as the file is 100% safe. Once the installer loads, select whether you use FSX or Prepar3D, accept the license and then input the key provided (via email). The aircraft then installs and is ready for use.

    Inside the 'Assets' folder there is a folder titled 'Screenshots', an image and a Word document. These three items contain assorted media regarding the DC-10.

    1. dbauder's Avatar
      dbauder -
      I noticed that a livery for American, one of the launch customers, is missing...Licensing issues, I suppose.
    1. DrawyahGames's Avatar
      DrawyahGames -
      Quote Originally Posted by dbauder View Post
      I noticed that a livery for American, one of the launch customers, is missing...Licensing issues, I suppose.
      American Airlines does not appear in the Livery Pack either, so licensing is more than likely the case with this one.
    1. sith's Avatar
      sith -
      Quote Originally Posted by dbauder View Post
      I noticed that a livery for American, one of the launch customers, is missing...Licensing issues, I suppose.
      Dont think so.. previous CLS fs2004 DC-10 had the American Airlines DC-10-10
    1. DrawyahGames's Avatar
      DrawyahGames -
      Quote Originally Posted by sith View Post
      Dont think so.. previous CLS fs2004 DC-10 had the American Airlines DC-10-10
      Hmm. Very curious then! Maybe someone could contact JustFlight/CLS and see if they've got an answer.
    1. oldcrusty's Avatar
      oldcrusty -
      Note the reviewers comments generally agree however the aircraft-sim model has some serious problems in the performance area. The DC-10 10 will not climb above F200 or accelerate once it reaches this altitude. Similarly the DC-10 30 and 40 series hit a wall about F250 and will not accelerate or climb above these altitudes. I have tried this at no passengers and half fuel, half passengers and half fuel, full passenger loads and full fuel. I have tried step climbing and accelerating etc. Same problem no matter what.

      The ASI is flaky, sometimes it works sometimes it does not, sometimes speed bugs are there sometimes they are not (despite several reloads of the whole package). The fuel loads and engine performance figures are incorrect for all the variants.

      Great visuals, nice VC nicely remodelled after the earlier 2004 version. So until somebody can fix it, parked in the hangar, which is very dissappointing because I really wanted a good DC-10. Might revert to the 2004 version, at least that worked propely.
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