• Aerosoft - Genoa X

    Aerosoft - Genoa X

    Genoa X is a high end scenery of the famous Italian city of Genoa and its airport. Sestri Cristoforo Colombo Airport is built on an artificial peninsula next the large harbor. This makes any landing rather special as you fly along the huge ships and cranes just before touching down. The airport has connections to many cities in Europe and is used extensively by low cost carriers. Using the latest technology, it is easy on your frame rates and memory making it suitable for the most complex aircraft. The use of SODE to animate the air bridges and many other objects on the airport make it come to life.

    Get Genoa X and add this fascinating airport to your list of destinations.

    Aerosoft - Genoa X


    • High resolution photoreal (0.5 cm/pix) coverage of 187 sq km
    • Unique custom made of over 80,000 autogen buildings
    • Includes custom models for the city and the harbors of Genoa
    • Well detailed, accurate and high quality renders Genoa airport (LIMJ), including baked/pre-rendered shadows and realistic transparency of the terminal windows
    • 4k texture resolution for the terminal (optional)
    • Unique, realistic and accurate airport night light (runway, taxiways, aprons, surroundings)
    • Accurate and realistic ground poly based on up-to-date photos and satellite images
    • Developed based on a huge number of photos, videos and other info of the airport, the city and the harbors
    • Large number of custom objects dedicated for Genoa airport and city - cars, trucks, buses, airport equipment, boats (many types), static aircraft and more
    • Accurate renders of the harbor and many objects along the approach
    • Realistic and accurate ILS offset of 2 degrees
    • SODE moving jetways/airbridges: First time on FSX/P3D - "T type" jetways
    • VGDS- Visual Guiding Docking System working on both FSX and P3D
    • Realistic 3D volumetric and grass between taxiways (optional)
    • Custom animated windsock (FSX and P3D)
    • Massive optimize for good performance
    • Complete and accurate AFCAD
    • Custom "ramp" of the airport runway over the sea
    • 3D PAPI lamps and lights
    • Animated wind-socks reflecting to the real wind situation at the time
    • Fully complete able with FTX Global, FTX Global vector, FSGlobal mesh
    • Highly optimized for high frame rates and low memory use
    • Extensive manual including all charts
    • Custom made realistic static aircraft (optional) including:
      • Bell 412 SP (Guardia Costiera) x2
      • Hughes NH-500MC (BredaNardi) x2
      • Piaggio P-180 Avanti x2
      • Piper Archer 2 PA-28 Aeroclub Genova x2
      • Canadair CL-415 Vigili Del Fouco x2


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