• Interview With Emma Bentley / UKX

    Interview With Emma Bentley / UKX

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    Hi, Emma, thank you for taking the time to talk to FlightSim.Com. Could I begin by asking you how UKX came about?

    Thank you for having me! Believe it or not, FlightSim.Com has been my 'go to' site for years, with some of my initial repaints having been uploaded here (FS98/FSX).

    As for UKX, it came about after seeing an open market in the X-Plane community for British airports. Unlike MSFS which was well catered for, back then X-Plane only had about two sceneries covering our beautiful island. These were created using the 'Lego brick' approach. Now don't get me wrong, the Lego brick approach is good, but we felt there needed to be more of a custom feel to the airports, especially after seeing the fantastic UK2000 Airports for FSX.

    Do each of the team members have specific roles or do you alternate?

    Good question! Yes, we have four members in the group, with one member having a permanent role. This is Richard Eliot who produces our spectacular 3D models.

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    Everybody else is focused on working within World Editor (WED) to place the items and reproduce as best as possible the airports they have chosen. We create sceneries as a group but when possible, individual team members will take complete control over their own project. Enjoyment is key to our development process. If there is no enjoyment in what we do, why do it? Right?

    What would you say the main goals of UKX are?

    I think that one of our biggest goals is to try and stay together as a group. All too often X-Plane groups are formed and then fall apart. This usually happens because team members fall out or the workload gets too great. One thing I can say about our group though, is that myself, Ashley, Richard and Wycliffe are all extremely dedicated to producing quality sceneries. We love what we do and get on with each other incredibly well. The sceneries we produce are a mix of Lego brick and custom objects and are very special to us (in more ways than one). To fall out would be a complete waste of what we can offer as a team. After all, our mission is to produce as many quality UK sceneries as we can!

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    Emma, how does the team go about sourcing all the information needed to create an airport?

    These days everything we need is available on the web (thank you, Sir Tim Berners-Lee). We use images from sites like Airliners.net and Google Images to reproduce the numerous details found on the ground. These include taxi signs, taxi lines, buildings, etc. Take Manchester (EGCC), for example, which was created by myself over a two year period, with four versions produced at varying levels of detail. Version 1 was a simple proof of concept with no custom buildings, just simple Lego brick representations. Later versions included custom buildings by 3D designer Richard Eliot. To create these custom buildings, Richard has to gather an incredible amount of information; it's a great deal of work!

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    Emma, could you tell us a bit more about Richard's work at UKX?

    Yes, of course. Richard is the glue that holds the whole group together. Without Richard, UKX and its numerous projects would cease to exist (mainly because I don't know how to design 3D objects). In the future we plan to migrate from a mix of custom 3D and library objects to custom 3D objects only. This will allow us to reach a greater audience, especially with new users who don't have the many object libraries installed. It's not uncommon for a single scenery to use eight or more of these libraries, so for someone just joining X-Plane, having all these installed can be quite perplexing!

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    1. DominicS's Avatar
      DominicS -
      Great work Emma and team!

      Your fantastic collection of UK airports are a 'must have' for any X-Plane fan!

      Keep up the great work.


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