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    Airport Calvi

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    Airport Calvi from Aerosoft

    When I was asked if I would be up for writing a review of Aerosoft's Calvi Airport I instantly thought why not and jumped at the chance! Having never been to the historic island of Corsica, this was an ideal opportunity to visit somewhere I had often read about in history books (Napoleon Bonaparte and all that) and to also do some exploring of the beautiful Mediterranean region all from the comfort and relative safety of my man cave.

    Calvi Airport - or to give it its full name, St Catherine Airport (something to watch for in X-Plane) - has the ICAO designation LFKC, and can be found in the northwest corner of Corsica. It is surrounded on three sides by some pretty steep hills, and the sea on the fourth, making it one of those airfields you really want to have a go at, just to see if you can get the 14:23 from Charles de Gaulle on the deck without spilling a drop of the champagne flowing in first class.

    Airport Calvi from Aerosoft     Airport Calvi from Aerosoft     Airport Calvi from Aerosoft

    As you will find, this really can be a challenging airport to fly in and out of if you come from the north side to runway 36, and for this reason it is also one of those gems that I believe goes largely unnoticed in the world of technically challenging airports, so thanks to Aerosoft for bringing it to life. One thing that is worth noting, I did find is that if you set your aircraft up to the do a 10 nm approach to runway 36 you will be straight into a mountain, so be aware! In their literature Aerosoft liken at least one suggested approach to the infamous Kai Tak in Hong Kong, and although I can see some similarities, my wife's' real life experiences of Kai Tak on a windy day would lead me to believe that it isn't quite in that league, although challenging enough.

    Calvi itself is a pretty small town and at the last count it only had a population of about 5,500 or so. However, during the summer months it is a popular European tourist destination, with regular flights from the UK, France, Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg and Switzerland so if you are looking for a change from the bright lights and English breakfasts of the Spanish Costas then Calvi and Corsica certainly fits the bill.

    Airport Calvi from Aerosoft     Airport Calvi from Aerosoft     Airport Calvi from Aerosoft


    Along with the scenery files in the download (of which there are two) you will find two documents. The first is a set of installation/operational instructions both in English and German, where an explanation of how to install the scenery files is provided along with technical details such as radio and navaid frequencies and a screen shot of the recommended X-Plane rendering settings. The second document provides a pleasing selection of helpful aeronautical charts (in color which is a nice touch).

    1. DominicS's Avatar
      DominicS -
      Great review Stuart, many thanks. Stunning scenery and location!
    1. SWM1968's Avatar
      SWM1968 -
      You are most welcome Dom... was great fun writing it.
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