• Logitech Acquires Saitek

    Logitech Acquires Saitek

    For the past year or so much of Saitek's extensive line of controllers and avionics have been unavailable. Today it has been announced that Saitek has been acquired by Logitech which hopefully will mean renewed availability of their products.

    Logitech had this to say:

    It's an exciting day for Logitech G. We just acquired the Saitek brand and the Saitek line of flight, farm and space simulation game controllers. They're the go-to products for anyone into games like Elite Dangerous, Eve Valkyrie, Star Citizen, Microsoft Flight Simulator and Farm Simulator.

    Read the full announcement here:


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    1. Barkingside's Avatar
      Barkingside -
      Exciting for Logitech, not so much for the rest of us. Watch while they lower QC and discontinue stuff.
    1. vflight2's Avatar
      vflight2 -
      Let's hope the merger will mean better QC and at least a few new products... I have good products from both and a few ringers from both too, but let's put some positive energy behind this joining!

    1. BoromirX's Avatar
      BoromirX -
      Finally the mystery of Saitek products disappearing from the market is made clear. Now to wonder when/if they will become available, likely under the Logitech label.
    1. azzaro's Avatar
      azzaro -
      Can one hope for a Windows 10 driver/software that actually works with the X52?
      probably not... — Bob
    1. wwhite993's Avatar
      wwhite993 -
      I'm just hoping to see the stand-alone throttle quadrant come back to the shelves.
    1. edwarosmith's Avatar
      edwarosmith -
      Quote Originally Posted by wwhite993 View Post
      I'm just hoping to see the stand-alone throttle quadrant come back to the shelves.
      I concur; I’ve been waiting for a replacement (under warranty) since Nov 2015.
      After the first few months I smelled a rat, I was led up the garden path and lied to time after time; here’s the kicker, they refused to answer my emails at the latter end of my waiting.

      I only hope that Logitech will honour customers of “Saitek” and get these units back into circulation ASAP.
      I feel sorry for anyone who has purchased any products of late and have problems, they will not be able to get an exchange as there are none to get world wide.
    1. ftldave's Avatar
      ftldave -
      Quote Originally Posted by vflight2 View Post
      ... but let's put some positive energy behind this joining!
      Well ... hope springs eternal, but corporate mergers and takeovers are usually terrible for the employees, especially at the smaller company. The most talented (and often best paid) people are let go or resign, move on. That's what happened when Oracle acquired Sun, and so many of the good Java developers quit rather than work for "Crazy Larry" Ellison and his crew. Java's quality control during that awful time was dreadful.

      People who run big corporations so often seem compelled to just do terribly stupid things, part of the corporate authority-driven hierarchy dysfunction we've all experienced at one time or another. It would be a pleasant surprise if Logitech does good things for the Saitek line of products, but I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for that to happen.

    1. burt_lankershim's Avatar
      burt_lankershim -
      Lets also remember that Guitar Hero basically bankrupted MadCatz last christmas, which is why Saitek got the crap end of the stick. they had no money to order from their suppliers.
    1. tgon's Avatar
      tgon -
      +1 sharks and fish. Eat the meat and leave the rest to rot
    1. Kenneth Birdsong's Avatar
      Kenneth Birdsong -
      Logitech has always had a good rep in simming. Was glad to hear of the acquisition. Good luck and we are anxious to see what you deliver!
    1. jwenting's Avatar
      jwenting -
      Logitech has generally had solid products, especially at the high end.
      Hope they clean up the mess MadCatz made out of Saitek, who also used to be a good brand.
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