• Review: Lionheart Trindad TB21 GT

    Trinidad TB21 GT

    Publisher: Lionheart Creations

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    Bill Stack

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    Trinidad TB21 GT2 by Lionheart Creations

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    Socata's Trinidad TB21 GT2 is a light aircraft with a single piston engine, low wings and retractable tricycle gear. It cruises at 163 knots, climbs to 25,000 feet (7,625 meters), and carries four people plus cargo. The aircraft resembles the FSX Mooney Bravo in basic structure and general size and capacity, but it is lighter and slower because of its wider fuselage. Owners say the aircraft's comfort compensates for its slower speeds. First introduced in 1985, it is part of a family of aircraft developed in the 1970s. Although similar to civilian aircraft, it has been used by militaries around the world for basic flight training.

    Trinidad TB21 GT2 Specifications
    Item Value
    Length 25 FT
    8 M
    Wingspan 32 FT
    10 M
    Occupants 4
    Empty Weight 1,986 LB
    901 KG
    Maximum Weight 3,086 LB
    1,400 KG
    Useful Load 1,100 LB
    499 KG
    Fuel Capacity 89 USG
    337 L
    596 LB
    Engine Lycoming TIO-540-AB1AD
    Power 250 HP
    186 KW
    Cruising Speed 163 KTS
    302 KPH
    Maximum Speed 187 KTS
    346 KPH
    Ceiling 25,000 FT
    7,625 M
    Range 1,110 NM
    2,056 KM

    Source: Socata

    Lionheart Creations's Trinidad TB21 GT2

    The Trinidad TB21 GT2 by Lionheart Creations is compatible with FSX SP2, FSX Acceleration, FSX Steam and all versions of P3D. This compatibility is not mentioned in the product description or manual, but the installation program lists the compatible simulators. I reviewed the FSX Acceleration version.

    1. apollon01's Avatar
      apollon01 -
      Hello, thank you for the review. Do you plan any head-to-head comparison with (also) recently released TB-21 / TB-10 from Just Flight?
      I think there are few simmers there twisting their heads on which one to buy.
    1. bpieke's Avatar
      bpieke -
      If you would like to add a Flight1 GTN gauge to the panel, the JustFlight one is the one to get.

      Really nice plane!
    1. betelgeuse's Avatar
      betelgeuse -
      ....the JustFlight one is the one to get.
    1. Karl's Avatar
      Karl -
      I haven't got this as I already have too many low wing a/c in this class and I don't use them often.

      Overall though, I have a lot from Lionheart. The only negative thing I can say about his work is that the interior visuals are very good but not great. Otherwise the flight handling, flight systems, and exterior modeling are excellent! The icing on the cake is that he is a nice guy.

      I exchanged some emails with him regarding an issue I had with one a/c. I found him to be was pleasant , attentive to details, and seriously interested in the experience that I had with his work.

      I'd recommend anything that he offers that looks like it might be up your area in interest in flight sim.