• Freeware Review: Carlyle Sharpe's Awasa

    Freeware Review: Carlyle Sharpe's Awasa

    Written by Ron Blehm

    "Command, Engine 61 is on scene, we have two vehicles involved, one over-the-side. We'll need the Squad to continue and if you could start Life-Flight please?"

    "Engine 61 on scene, requesting Life-Flight at 17:21."

    "Command, Engine 61, we'll have Rescue 7 set-up the landing zone at the Bell Road School."

    "Command copies, landing zone will be at Bell Road School. Life-Flight ETA is 14 minutes and we'll have them contact Rescue 7 on Ops Channel 4. 17:24."


    As I listened to the Fire Department radio it occurred to me that most of us that will be reading this article are really blessed. For the most part, I believe, we have pretty decent access to Emergency Medical Services and even rapid response teams of nurses and doctors. In Emergency Medicine we talk about "The Golden 90-minutes", that period of time after an injury or trauma where we are most likely to save lives (photos above). But most of the world does not have such luxury!

    Earlier this year my daughter and I travelled to Ethiopia to do some Medical / Aide work. We spent our first week seeing patients and doing staff training at Hawassa University Referral Hospital (photo above). Basically, this is the University Medical Center for Southern Ethiopia; covering territory to the Kenyan Boarder and providing "referral care" for up to 18 million people! The problem is, about 17.75 million of those people have no way of getting to Awasa. As I struggled with this reality I envisioned a world where we COULD get many more people quick access to the hospital - enter the world of flightsim!


    After completing a few flights from the "beach" along the eastern shores of Lake Awasa (photos above) I contacted the well-known FS designer Carlyle Sharpe and asked if he might add a single building to act as my "hospital." (FS shows the airport being far north, out of town)


    According to Wiki, this city (population ~175,000) is home to Hawassa University (which includes an Agricultural College, a Main Campus and the Health Sciences College associated with the Medical Center), Ethiopian Adventist College, and some major markets. The city is served by Awasa Airport (ICAO code HALA) which opened in 1988. Important local attractions include the St. Gabriel Church and the Awasa Kenema Stadium. Fishing is a major local industry. I might add that there are also several REALLY NICE resorts along the lakefront (and hippos)! (Photos above).

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