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    Cherokee 140

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    Stuart McGregor

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    The new Piper Cherokee 140 by vFlyteAir is a single engine piston powered light aircraft modelled on the original aircraft built by the Piper Aircraft Company. Piper began building these in the 1960's and they are still very much in use today for flight training and personal use. The aircraft is an unpressurized all-metal construction with low-mounted wings and tricycle non-retractable landing gear. There is a single door on the co-pilot side which means access is via the wing, so tread very carefully when climbing aboard.

    vFlyteAir Cherokee 140     vFlyteAir Cherokee 140     vFlyteAir Cherokee 140

    The recent release from vFlyteAir comes in two versions, the Cherokee 140 Original which is modelled after the real-world Cherokee 140 and the Cherokee 140 Classic which is based on the Piper Cherokee PA28-140 with IFR capability.

    You can purchase the 140 Classic for $21.95 or for only an additional $10 you can buy the complete package which includes both variants. In my opinion the additional extra is well worth it.

    If like me, you love flying light aircraft I am sure you will love the Cherokee. With its square jaw look and stubby wings it may not have the smooth and curvy lines of many of its modern peers and counterparts, but it oozes just as much class, and its longevity in the real world is a testament to its popularity and versatility.


    When you take a walk around the exterior you'll find everything is beautifully modelled and textured. There are lots of very nice details such as wing protection treads, rivets, screws, door handles, engine catches, hand holds, not to mention a vibrating exhaust and the odd paint chip here and there which adds to the realism. The details in the landing gear really are excellent and all this goes to making you believe you are quite honestly looking at the real thing.

    vFlyteAir Cherokee 140     vFlyteAir Cherokee 140     vFlyteAir Cherokee 140

    Via a very discrete menu on the bottom left of the screen you can easily access a number of exterior options to add / remove the wheel fairings, a co-pilot, open the cabin door, wheel chocks, and engine intake covers; again all very nice features. Via this menu you can also activate nose gear steering and change the camera view all at the click of a mouse, very handy if like me you love details and options.

    There are a number of liveries supplied with each base model including liveries from countries such as the UK, USA, Canada, Germany and Finland and if you are so inclined there is also a blank white texture supplied to allow you to create your own. With a little bit of practice this can be quite easily achieved using a graphics modifier such as GIMP or Photoshop; the options really are endless.

    vFlyteAir Cherokee 140     vFlyteAir Cherokee 140     vFlyteAir Cherokee 140


    When stepping inside for the first time I certainly wasn't disappointed with what I found. There really is a lived in feel to the aircraft, one which makes you feel as if you are getting into a training aircraft that has seen its fair share of future 747 captains. There are realistic details such as an animated ceiling vent, fuses that can be pulled and set, a smooth door opening and closing mechanism, moveable window vents, log book and sun visors, working cabin light, pitch control handle on the ceiling and many more features which just make you feel you are really sitting inside the real thing (not that I have I hasten to add...).

    There are nicks and scratches around the instruments and the odd Dymo label where the original switch labels have clearly fallen off over the years. The vFlyteAir team really have done a lovely job in bringing this aircraft to life. The only thing missing is the smell of aviation fuel and perhaps the peppermints on offer from your instructor, but I'll leave both those elements to your imagination.

    vFlyteAir Cherokee 140     vFlyteAir Cherokee 140     vFlyteAir Cherokee 140

    From inside the cabin the engine has a nice low pitched growl to it when at idle, which is again replicated when you move outside. The sampled engine sounds give an excellent feeling of the pistons in the old Lycoming turning over. Give her some power and she explodes into life.

    The Cherokee instrument panel is well equipped with gauges, switches and fuses, and pretty much all of them are active. An example of the designer's attention to detail and a real nice feature is the vibrating key ring on which the starter key hangs, just a small thing but again very realistic.

    1. LowTransition's Avatar
      LowTransition -
      Nice review Stuart! While I agree that vFlyteAir has done an outstanding job with the fine details and textures of these two Cherokee models, they have seemingly ignored the very basic fundamentals of proper proportion in their 3d modeling. I have commented on this in past reviews and find it troubling that this problem persists with their most recent offering. One needs look no further than the vertical stabilizer which looks to be about a foot thick and the cantaloupe sized beacon light to get an idea of what I'm talking about. Sadly, these Cherokee models simply don't hold up to scrutiny when compared to photos of their real world counterparts from a purely proportional perspective. Frankly, I expect more from the nice people at vFlyteAir and would gladly trade more proportional accuracy for a little less frame-rate destroying details and textures. Just my two cents….
    1. SWM1968's Avatar
      SWM1968 -
      Many thanks for the comments, interesting indeed. Even if perhaps the dimensions are not 100%, still an absolute favourite of mine. Horses for courses I guess..
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