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    Mega Airport Frankfurt V2

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    Frankfurt Main Germany V2 by Aerosoft Design
    Source: Aerosoft Design

    Frankfort (EDDF) is a major international airport in southern Germany and its largest and busiest aviation facility. As the world's 12th busiest in passenger traffic, it outpaces New York's Kennedy. It's also number 1 worldwide in cargo tonnage. The airport is a significant hub for Lufthansa and several other airlines, and most major international and regional airlines use it. Satellite photos show numerous commercial aircraft of every type and size parked at gates and in parking aprons and taxiing around movement areas.

    The south side was the Rhein-Main Air Base operated by the United States from 1947 to 2005, which was familiar to many U.S. military veterans from Korea, through Vietnam and the Middle Eastern wars.

    Three of Frankfurt's four runways are longer than 4,000 meters (13,115 feet). Each of its two passenger terminals is huge. Together they sprawl along the north of Runway 7C/25C. Terminal 1 handles 50 million passengers annually, and Terminal 2 handles 15 million. Cargo is handled on the north and south sides. A small general-aviation area in the southwest corner is probably limited to charter and corporate operations because I see no recreational aircraft in the satellite photos.

    Frankfurt Airport is listed in FSX as "Frankfurt/Main."

    Frankfurt EDDF Location
    EDDF FSX Globe EDDF Top Down EDDF FSX Map

    Learn more about the real Frankfurt EDDF.

    Aerosoft's Mega Frankfurt Airport V2

    Aerosoft organizes its Mega Frankfurt Airport V2 in two fundamental parts: airport and terrain. Their files are stored in separate folders by those names and activated separately in the Scenery Library.

    Airport Facilities

    Aerosoft says its Frankfurt Airport V2 is "realistically scaled with all airport buildings modeled" and "created by the award-winning German Airports Team." It touts high-resolution textures, taxiway signs and taxiways.

    Airport movement areas are realistic compared with real-world satellite photos and official aviation charts. Ramps, parking areas, taxiways and runways are accurate in placement and appearance. Pavement markings and signage is accurate throughout. Aerosoft depicts Runway 7L/25R that is missing from FSX because it was built in 2011 -- years after FSX was released.

    Movement Areas
    Aerosoft Design FSX Default
    Frankfurt Main Germany V2 by Aerosoft Design EDDF by FSX
    Frankfurt Main Germany V2 by Aerosoft Design EDDF by FSX
    Frankfurt Main Germany V2 by Aerosoft Design EDDF by FSX

    A unique feature is two sets of taxiway bridges between the main airport and the new Runway 7L/25R. They span across a freeway and a rail line, and animated vehicles pass underneath them.

    Frankfurt Main Germany V2 by Aerosoft Design Frankfurt Main Germany V2 by Aerosoft Design

    All 3D airport objects are rendered according to the airport operator's official documents, Aerosoft says. Several new airport elements are included: The new Lufthansa Terminal A-Plus, new Terminal B with all satellites, new taxiways in the south and southwest, new ICE station "The Square" with parking lot, and numerous other new buildings at the airport.

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    1. truenorth71's Avatar
      truenorth71 -
      I noticed that you mentioned that fps were OK, but what about VAS? I've seen several people, myself included, who have had serious issues with OOMs, when trying to land at EDDF. Taking off from EDDF is not a problem though. I agree that the scenery is great, and in P3D, very realistic, but it is an intense airport.
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