• Aerosoft - F-14 Extended v2.2

    Aerosoft - F-14 X

    Changes in F-14 Extended version 2.2 include:

    • Improved LANTIRN stability
    • Fixed bug where Night Vision Goggle could not be selected from the VRS menu
    • Selective Jettison switches (pilot seat and RIO) now function properly. Thank you Pavlo Yevtushenko!
    • Improved VC night lighting. Thank you Patrick (KDFW)!
    • Improved lighting effects for the Kitty Hawk in P3D

    Changes in F-14 Extended version 2.1 include:

    • Fixed throttle control
    • General Code/System Improvements
    • Fixed E-Gen Switch logic
    • Crew Visibility
    • Ground Power (Selectable)
    • "Speedbrake" no longer displayed with Flaps Down in 2D Mini-HUD
    • Contrails now display above ~32,000 ft
    • Fix Lua items in Manuals
    • Added 33 new lua function for new features (below)
    • Added Key Events for PITOT heat and Panel Lights
    • "REFUELLING' Message now displays in B model HUD for the A-6 Tanker
    • A-6 Tanker hook-up window increased to compensate for model clipping from the VC

    Aerosoft F-14 Extended

    The Grumman F-14 Tomcat is a supersonic, twin-engine, two-seat, variable-sweep wing fighter aircraft built for the US Navy as a high-endurance interceptor to protect the carriers.

    The Aerosoft F-14 X was designed with two principle objectives. The first was to create an authentic and detailed representation about what it was like to fly the early model F-14's and the refinements made over the first 20 years of the airframe's service life. The second was to create an accessible simulation for all users. While many of the advanced systems will require you to RTFM to operate effectively, anyone can be in the air within seconds of loading the sim (well maybe a little longer if you're setting up a carrier launch). While failure logic, such as engine compressor stalls are included, they will not become active and take out an engine unless you enable the feature.

    The only thing you can't simplify are the flight mechanics. Not a single tester or developer was un-challenged when attempting to trap this bird. But, the physics are consistent and based on real world data. As you learn why the F-14 does or does not respond the way you think it should, your intuition of flight mechanics will be become more sophisticated. Simply put, if you learn to fly this aircraft with a serious perspective, you will become a better pilot.

    Final word. One of the defining aspects of this project has been an almost unyielding sense of collaboration from outside development houses, retired military personnel, and a group of dedicated F-14 fanatics that have been willing to advise and test over many long hours to make this a project a reality. Thank you and salute!

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