• Perfect Flight - FSX Missions Airbus A321 Swiss Air

    Perfect Flight - FSX Missions Airbus A321 Swiss Air

    Here is your chance to become a SwissAir airline pilot. This new product, released by Perfect Flight in the "FSX Missions" line, focused its attention on one of the most popular and glorious European airlines, the Swiss Air International, with its headquarter located at Zurich Kloten Airport.

    As usual in all Perfect Flight's products, the Mission Pack offers you the most realistic flight simulation experience in a new level of immersion with professional flight plans, timed step by step checklists and real procedures.

    Product Features

    Airbus A321 Swiss Air - the complete aircraft package is included with extra options (extensive textures, FMC, Ipad Radar etc.)

    Custom Settings - You can install a special feature that allows you to use any plane of your choice (instead of the included). Also you can edit time, date and season for each mission without any external program. Just choose the plane, time, date and season direct from FSX Free Flight Menu, then choose the desired mission and fly using your favorite aircraft and your own settings without losing the mission "Success" message!

    Full Swiss Air Timetable - Mission Pack includes 45 flights wich covers all A321 Swiss Air destination

    PES - (Passengers Entertainment System) - Missions also features the exclusive PES (Passengers Entertainment System), now fully customizable with your own sound tracks. When you reach the cruising altitude, a Prompt Menu will appear on your screen with PES Options. You can play until six soundtracks in a single flight. An entire section of the User Guide explain you how to use your own favorite soundtracks instead of those provided with the product!

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      navisos1 -
      Please describe how the FMC is working with this system.
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      Nels_Anderson -
      Quote Originally Posted by navisos1 View Post
      Please describe how the FMC is working with this system.
      If you have such specific questions about a product you really need to contact the product publisher for answers.
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