• vFlyteAir - Cherokee 140 For X-Plane Update

    New: Save $10 when you buy both the Classic and Original version!

    Changes in Version 1.1

    New Features

    • Copilot door now operates per the Piper Cherokee 140 Owner's Handbook. You must click the UPPER door latch to unlock the door, then click the LOWER door handle to open or close the door. When you click the upper door latch, the door will open slightly and remain that way until the latch is clicked again to lock it. If you accidentally leave the door fully open while taxiing or during take-off, the door will shut automatically, but will not latch until you click the upper door latch. (BOTH versions)
    • Added new labels to the radio stack to indicate where the "master sim volume (MSTR SIM VOL)" volume knobs are located. These volume knobs control the engine sounds, weather sounds, and ground contact sounds. The MSTR SIM VOL can be used even when the "headphones" are plugged in. (BOTH versions)
    • Added new sounds for the fuel primer lever. (BOTH versions)
    • The pilot figure is hidden in exterior views upon start-up with a cold and dark airplane. If you release the parking brake, turn on the Master Switch, or if the engine is running, the pilot will be displayed. (BOTH versions)
    • Created a new command for the "Master Switch (Battery/Alternator)" that can be assigned to a joystick button or keyboard key combination.

    Bug Fixes

    • Autopilot will now properly intercept and track ILS approaches and GPS flight plans and RNAV approaches (CLASSIC version)
    • Improved the reported left roll tendency at cruise speeds (torque roll) (BOTH versions)
    • Added all available liveries to both versions (BOTH versions)
    • Exhaust smoke is now located at the outlet of the exhaust pipe instead of forward of the airplane (BOTH versions)
    • Powering off Radio #1 and Radio #2 no longer causes the fuses to pop out (ORIGINAL version)
    • Increased the rolling tire friction coefficient to reduce the "skittish" behavior when landing or taking off (BOTH versions)
    • If the copilot seat back is down when you select "Add Copilot," the seat will automatically be placed back into the upright position (BOTH versions)
    • Propeller now displays properly regardless of how the pilot shuts off the engine (BOTH versions)
    • The starter button is now de-coupled from the magneto switch - the magneto switch is now not affected by starter operation (BOTH versions)
    • Panel flood light is now red instead of white (BOTH versions)
    • Added TO/FROM indicators to the CDI instruments (CDI #1 on the Original version and CDI #2 on the Classic version)
    • Added new drag-axis manipulators to the OBS knobs and the HDG knob (Classic version). These are in addition to the "click-left and click-right" manipulators. Makes it easier to make large adjustments with the "click and drag" manipulator, then fine-tune with the "click" manipulators. The OBS knob manipulators now allow multiple rotations left and right. (BOTH versions)
    • Changed the Garmin 430 NAV manipulators to use the proper g430 datarefs (CLASSIC version)
    • The ALT and GS indicators on the STEC55X now work per the STEC manual when in APPR mode (CLASSIC version)
    • Added Speed and Distance LEDs to CDI #1 gauge for GPS source (CLASSIC version)

    vFlyteAir Cherokee 140

    vFlyteAir announces the release of two versions of the Piper Cherokee 140 for use with X-Plane.

    vFlyteAir Cherokee 140 for X-Plane

    vFlyteAir - Cherokee 140 Original for X-Plane

    This is a VFR-only Cherokee 140, and it is a replica of the airplane that I actually fly from time to time, tail number N3466K. This is a basic trainer airplane, with a very simple instrument panel (two COM radios, one NAV radio, one OBS head, and the basic six-pack of instruments required for VFR flight). This is a great airplane for student pilots and those who love to fly VFR! Comes with six liveries, including the default replica N3466K, a plain white livery and four others.

    Purchase vFlyteAir - Cherokee 140 Original for X-Plane

    vFlyteAir - Cherokee 140 Classic for X-Plane

    This is the IFR version of the 140, and it is the same as the Original except that the instrument panel is IFR-capable and it has an STEC 55x autopilot. The Classic version can perform ILS and RNAV approaches - it has the X-Plane g430 GPS, two COM radios, two NAV radios, two OBS heads, STEC 55x autopilot and an ADF receiver (for countries where ADF is still commonly used). We suggest this version for those who like to fly IFR with autopilot control. Comes with five liveries, all based on real world paint schemes.

    Purchase vFlyteAir - Cherokee 140 Classic for X-Plane

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