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    DC-6B Legends Of Flight

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    Erwin Welker

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    The Real DC-6

    The Douglas DC-6B airliner and the transport variant were based on the military transport aircraft, XC-112, from 1944. The DC-6 was equipped with four powerful (and loud) radial piston engines and became both a successful airliner and cargo aircraft. For military use she was referred to as the C-118 or the VC-118. Around 700 were made and they were a common sight around the world. The DC-6 arrived on the scene at about the same time as other piston engined airlines, namely the Constellations and Stratocruisers, and indeed, many DC-6's are still in service today - a testament to a beautifully designed aircraft!

    Just Flight DC-6B

    DC-6B Main Specifications

    (Source: Wikipedia.org)

    Length 105 ft 7" 32.2 m
    Wingspan 117 ft 6" 35.8 m
    Height 28 ft 5" 8.7 m
    Wing area 1,463 sq ft 135.9 m2
    Empty weight 55,357 lb 25.1 t
    Max take off weight 107,000 lb 49 t
    EnginesPratt & Whitney R-2800-CB17 "Double Wasp" radial
    Engine power 4 x 2,500 hp 1,900 kW
    Cruise speed 315 mph 507 km/h
    Max range 2,610 nm 4,830 km
    Service ceiling 25,000 ft 7,600 m

    Just Flight's DC-6B Description

    Developed by the classic airliner experts at Aeroplane Heaven, DC-6B Legends of Flight was built exclusively for Flight Simulator X. Fully functional virtual cockpits, detailed passenger cabins and numerous exterior animations make this a true legend of flight!

    • Highly detailed exterior model featuring boarding stairs, service vehicles and other advanced animations
    • High-quality interactive 3D virtual cockpit (VC)
    • Highly detailed authentic liveries
    • High quality sound set
    • Accurate flight dynamics, based on real-world data and tested by real-world pilots


    • Domestic Day-plane (5 window) - Non-radar - No Spinners
    • Domestic Day-plane (5 window) - Radar - Spinners
    • Intercontinental (4 window) - Radar - No Spinners
    • Intercontinental (4 window) - Radar - Spinners


    • Operating passenger and cargo doors
    • Full flyable virtual cockpit
    • Specular map to give realistic light effect on aircraft
    • A great set of bump maps to give a more realistic 3D feeling to the livery sets
    • Multiple viewpoints
    • Passenger boarding steps and ground crew vehicle customised to each airline
    • Stewardess figure in doorway.
    • Engine covers, chocks, fluttering pre-flight flags and control surface chocks
    • Fully detailed interior with complete passenger section and stewardess
    • High-fidelity sound set showcasing the distinctive Pratt & Whitney Double Wasp engines
    • Comprehensive 60-page manual - English & German


    Four models and ten highly detailed and authentic international airline liveries in super-resolution:

    • Domestic Day-plane (5 window) - Non-radar - No Spinners
    • United Air Lines - Circa 1957
    • American Airlines - Circa 1956
    • Domestic Day-plane (5 window) - Radar - Spinners
    • Sterling - Circa 1968
    • Northwest - Circa 1956
    • Intercontinental (4 window) - Radar - No Spinners
    • Balair - Circa 1966
    • JAL - Circa 1960
    • Sabena - Circa 1968
    • Intercontinental (4 window) - Radar - Spinners
    • Red Bull - Circa 2011
    • Pan Am - Circa 1961
    • British Eagle - Circa 2011

    1. CrazyDaveIowa's Avatar
      CrazyDaveIowa -
      I've had this bird in my hangar for some time now.
      It is a wonder to fly! I have had the CalClassics freeware DC-6 for FS9 for many years and ported it over
      to FSX, then bought the JustFlight model.
      When you look at the cfg/flight model stuff the two are almost identical so jumping from one to the other is straight forward.
      JustFlight has not 'coded' in the superb reverse prop that exists in the CalClassics version but has a facsimile.
      Overall both versions fly great. The JustFlight visuals are a bit nicer and hit a little softer on the FPS.
      The author mentions how smooth the landings was. This bird doesn't want to land! You almost have to make it do so, which (nose slightly down - see youtube videos of the Six) is actually easy.
      In closing, the DC-6 family has always been one of my favorite go to planes. Up high cruising or low and slow it is a delight to fly.
      Get one for your hangar today!
    1. sith's Avatar
      sith -
      What I don't like about this model is that the propeller sizes are not correct... props are too small.
    1. SSI01's Avatar
      SSI01 -
      One thing I can not do with this bird is utilize the fuel tank control levers as they were meant to be used on the actual aircraft. The tanks do not all feed correctly and you can not manipulate them as in the real aircraft to vary fuel consumption among tanks/engines. If you don't want a hosed-up flight you're forced to leave the fuel tank control levers fully forward to the "all" position - and even then you can get screwed-up results because fuel will not flow as you intend it to flow despite having the levers in the default positions. Also, many of the switches especially on the overhead panel do not function and are there only for appearances sake. It flies beautifully and is a delight to the eye but a lot more work needs to be done to that fuel system, at least.
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