• A Ravenair Flight Simulator Experience

    A Ravenair Flight Simulator Experience

    By Paul Mort

    Our hobby of flight simulation is one which gives us the ability to experience flight in a way unobtainable for most in a real life scenario. For us flight simmers, on a typical flight you walk into your 'cabin', making sure you have the necessary supplies for the flight ahead (perhaps a steaming mug of coffee and a few of your favorite biscuits, but please, no alcohol!), then you fire up your 'bird', trying not to look to your left or right, at the television or the window, lest it should spoil the whole experience of flying through the sky. We all know we are not really 20,000 feet above Peru or Alaska but who says we can't have fun imagining that we are? But what if you could immerse yourself even deeper into flight; would you do it?

    I am, of course, talking about professional flight simulation packages, where there are no windows looking out onto your garden or the risk of the doorbell ringing in mid-flight is zero! All there is, is you, the cabin and the simulated world you see in front of you. One such place is here in the U.K at the Liverpool John Lennon Airport (EGGP), home to the Ravenair Flight Simulator. My fiancee, Hilary, and I recently had the pleasure of seeing what they had to offer.


    The executive director, Bob Williams, has 40 years of experience in the aviation industry and with more than 21,000 hours of flying all over the world under his belt, he is a veteran of flight. With the knowledge he has gained over the years, he now trains private and commercial pilots as well as offering the chance for the average Joe to take the yoke in an aircraft of their choice, from a list that ranges from a Beechcraft Baron to a Boeing or even a Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor.

    Click to see the full list of aircraft available to simmers.

    The company also boasts a fleet of real aircraft which they use for actual training purposes. They include the Piper PA38 Tomahawk, PA28 Warrior, PA23 Aztec 'E', PA34 Seneca, and the Partenavia PN68B Observer.

    In addition to that, it presently holds more CAA and EASA training approvals than any other North-West organisation.

    The Ravenair Piper PA28 Warrior

    The Experience

    With a mere 40 minute drive door-to-door, we easily found our way to the offices of Ravenair. Once there, we were offered a drink and then introduced to James Hutchinson, our instructor for our one hour session in the simulator. He was a young, typical Liverpudlian - friendly, hospitable and keen to make our experience as enjoyable as possible.

    The Ravenair office and staff


    ...and his simulator

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