• SimCoders - Reality Expansion Pack for Carenado F33A Bonanza

    SimCoders - Reality Expansion Pack for Carenado F33A Bonanza

    Developed by real pilots
    Our team is made by real pilots that put their own flight experience into the code they write.

    Ultra-Realistic flight and ground dynamics
    The native flight dynamics are tweaked and a custom flight dynamics engine is replacing part of the internal X-Plane engine in order to enhance the realism of the simulation. This provides realistic speeds and fuel consumptions at every power setting and the correct drag during the landing gear operation. Also, the aircraft needs the correct distances to takeoff and land and reaches the correct vertical speed during climb.

    Realistic airplane systems
    This software simulates almost all the on-board systems that you may find in the real Bonanza.

    Among the other systems, this software includes a realistic simulation of the engine in all its parts (oil system included), the landing gear, the electrical systems.

    Interactive pre-flight checklist and walk-around.
    Do your ground pre-flight checks using the interactive walk-around module. Check the wheel status, the elevators, the aileron and the rudder. Remove the chocks and the tie-downs.

    Towing system
    Tow your airplane in and out of the hangar or move it along the airport using the integrated towing system. A towing bar will help you steering the nose wheel.

    Damages System
    If you are a reckless flier you will experience many failures based on the real Pilot's Operating Handbook. The software will also teach you how to avoid those failures through many custom messages that may be shown during the flight.

    HeadShake integration
    If you install HeadShake v1.5 (available on simcoders.com) or higher in your system, it will communicate with REP to extend the simulation realism. REP will drive HeadShake to simulate the vibrations of the real IO-520 engine. Using this, you will be able to run the engine at the most comfortable RPMs.

    Popup Kneeboard
    A popup kneeboard is shown using a mouse gesture. It contains the normal operation and the emergency checklists as well as the airplane performance charts useful to plan your flight.

    Weight & Balance tool
    Thanks to the W&B tool, you can load your airplane in the most realistic way, checking that the plane's weight and center of gravity are within limits. The changes affect the way the airplane flies.

    Living Airplane
    The airplane saves its state and restore it when you restart the simulator. For instance, after loading your airplane into X-Plane, it will have a warm engine depending on how much time has passed from the last session.

    Maintenance Tool
    You can perform the maintenance of your aircraft using the included maintenance tool (also called Hangar View) by changing the oil, checking the cylinders status, recharging the battery and many other actions.

    Realistic sounds set
    Feel the wind flowing around the fuselage, the landing wheels screech during an hard landing, the brakes squeaking and many more. The included sounds are recorded on-board a real aircraft.

    In-flight tips
    Learn more about the Bonanza thanks to the in-flight, non-invasive tips that tell you when you're doing something wrong and suggest you how to fix the problem.

    Custom settings window
    A settings window allows you to enable or disable some of the software's features. And much more...

    Note: This is an Expansion pack for the Carenado - Bonanza F33a for X-Plane. You MUST have the Carenado - Bonanza F33a for X-Plane installed on your system before you can use this Expansion Pack.

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    1. scottb613's Avatar
      scottb613 -
      Wow - this sounds great - if only they could do the same thing for FSX/P3D...


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      RatRace -
      Quote Originally Posted by scottb613 View Post
      Wow - this sounds great - if only they could do the same thing for FSX/P3D...
      Simcoders are the XP pendant of A2A, except that A2A do everything from A to Z.
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