• HJG's Tripple Website Update

    HJG (Historic Jetliners Group) have pleasure announcing not one .... or two .... but "THREE" web site updates within the past 24 hours .... offering some 63 new and upgraded files for everyones "FREE" FS enjoyment ..... the groups first releases for this 2016 year.

    Included among these is HJG's long-awaited DC-8 expansion project .... some 53 files .... composed of 40 new aircraft base packs/FDE enhancements (these simulations now fly better than ever before) for its entire DC-8 inventory and which also now expand this virtual flightline to include every major production variant of these classic jetliners; A new DC-8-20F/30F/40F 3D model (by Paul HAAK) .... now featuring an animated forward fuselage maindeck cargo door .... and 8 texture revisions for this new model representing lesser known freight carriers from Colombia, Denmark, Mexico, and the USA; 5 panels for the DC-8-10, -20, -30, and -40 .... subjected to "minor cosmetic refinements"; A new and "very comprehensive" manual has also been compiled especially for use with these greatly improved simulations.

    But Wait For It .... there's more

    Also just released are 15 new and "EXTREMLY HIGH QUALITY" soundpacks for the B727-100/-200 (by Benoit PLAMONDON) .... composed of separate FS2004 and FSX specific audio ..... offering end users individual flightdeck, wing view/cabin, and AI traffic oriented sound options of preference; And a new B727 Panel Gauges/Core Files Package .... featuring further enhanced audio for HJG's current range of 11 aircraft version specific B727 panels and which is intended to be used in conjunction with the above new soundpacks.

    And still there's more

    A small selection of 7 new textures have also been released for the HJG B707-320B, B720-B, B727-100, B727-200, and DC-8-63CF 3D models .... representing aircraft from Bolivia, Canada, and the USA .... covering the 1960's/70's/80's and more recent times .... and among which 3 aircraft of Hollywood fame are also included .... all of which join HJG's existing, and constantly expanding, flightline of virtual B707/B720/C135 SERIES, B717-200, BAe 146-300/RJ-100, CARAVELLE, CONCORDE, CV-880, CV-990, DC-8, DC-9, DC-10, L-1011, and MD80/90 simulations .... supported by an equally extensive range of custom panels/gauges, soundpacks, FDE, and effects files, along with Paul HAAK's growing AI DC-8 project too .... whilst work also continues on new HJG projects slotted for future release

    For further information regarding HJG's "TRIPPLE WEBSITE UPDATE" please refer to the groups following community forum announcements:

    or visit HJG at the their web site.

    Mark Cranston
    Web site

    1. aerofoto's Avatar
      aerofoto -
      "THANKS" Nels

      And FYI everyone ....

      We/HJG have also "just this morning" released yet a 4th website update .... composed of upgrades and expansions for Paul HAAK's AI DC-8 project.

      The following website forum announcement will elaborate on this ....


      A number of further releases featuring new and upgraded projects are planned in the near future

      Mark C
    1. dfwagt's Avatar
      dfwagt -
      Will these models work in FSX? I had to switch from FS2004 to FSX and am NOT pleased. Trying to regain most of the models I had. Thanks!

    1. Stormy's Avatar
      Stormy -
      Tell me when they put good, accurate, virtual cockpits into their planes and I'll be impressed.
    1. aerofoto's Avatar
      aerofoto -
      The HJG hosted or owned 3D models (with the exception of the ARNZ BAe 146/RJ-100 and FSFT/PM2 CONCORDE) are FSX "portable" .... but .... not FSX native

      Similar applies to most of (but not all of) the HJG hosted or owned panels too

      The HJG hosted soundpacks (by Benoit PLAMONDON) "are" being slowly transitioned for FSX compatibility also .... in fact those for "the DC-10's and B727's only" already are FSX compatible .... per separate FS2004 and FSX specific offerings, which also represented by separate flightdeck and cabin based audio offerings too in each case, along with separate AI specific soundpacks as well and which are FSX compatible only.

      Enquire per the HJG forum in regard to more specific information regarding this

      With the exception of what's provided with the HJG hosted FSFT/PM2 CONCORDE .... HJG "is not" able to produce VC type panels .... sorry

      Mark C
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