• Virtualcol - Shorts Regional Pack for FS2004

    Virtualcol - Shorts Regional Pack for FS2004

    Development of product FF (Friendly Frames) allows fluid flight with functional cockpit and gauges, multiple repaints and different models at a little price. Use exclusive with Microsoft® Flight Simulator 2004.

    The product includes:

    • Different models with virtual cockpit:
      • Series Skyvan SC7
      • Skyliner
      • Skydive
      • SD330
      • S23 Sherpa
      • SD360
    • 2D panel
    • Ground service animation
    • Panels and original gauges
    • Original prop sounds
    • User manual easy tunderstand.
    • 68 repaints


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    1. sith's Avatar
      sith -
      What an horrible Virtual Cockpit!! a little bit improved exterior texturing, but interiors are really bad.
    1. motormouse's Avatar
      motormouse -
      Are these new models or merely plagiarized versions of Premier Aircraft Designs' freeware works?
    1. Rbelthrand's Avatar
      Rbelthrand -
      VirtualCol model always are horrible; soo minimalistic and dry interiors.... what a shame
    1. kingm56's Avatar
      kingm56 -
      Quote Originally Posted by motormouse View Post
      Are these new models or merely plagiarized versions of Premier Aircraft Designs' freeware works?
      You're thinking of abacus, and they weren't plagiarized; there was a deal in-place with the PAD team. If I recall correctly, PAD regretted the deal, but don't trust my memory on that assertion. Virualcol produced basic, mediocre models for a reasonable price ($8 - $5). They seemed to fill a market gap and most of the reviews appear to be positive. However, with this release, they have escalated their price point. Although their modeling has steadily improved, I don't think this particular aircraft is worth $25. BTW, if you think their modeling is bad, wait till you experience their FDE...TERRIBLE. With that said, they do have a lot of people who enjoy their products...I was just surprised to see their dramatic price increase...
    1. btwallis's Avatar
      btwallis -
      If the VC is the same as the FSX version, then I would have to agree that for the price they need (ed) to improve the cockpit. Disappointing.

      I wonder is if is possible to use another VC, substitute somehow?
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