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    Piel Emeraude

    Publisher: A1R Design Bureau

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    Bill Stack

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    Piel Emeraude by IRIS Flight Simulation Software

    Image From A1R Design Bureau

    Piel Emeraude is a wood-construction, two-seat, low-wing, tail-dragging monoplane designed in the mid-1950s by Claude Piel. Several hundred were built over a decade or so by companies in France, Britain, South Africa and elsewhere. I found no explanation for its specific or general uses, but its popularity among home-aircraft builders implies that it's mostly recreational and experimental. Construction plans are still offered for sale on the Internet, and fully-built scale models are offered on eBay.

    This two-seat aircraft is approximately the same overall dimensions as the stock Piper J3 Cub in MSFS. The Piel Emeraude is slightly heavier, more powerful yet slower than the Piper Cub.

    Piel Emeraude Specifications
    Item Value
    Length 20 FT
    6 M
    Wingspan 27 FT
    8 M
    Occupants 2
    Empty Weight 871 LB
    395 KG
    Maximum Weight 1,433 LB
    650 KG
    Useful Load 562 LB
    255 KG
    Fuel Capacity 19 USG
    72 L
    128 LB
    Propeller 2 Blades
    Engine Various
    Power 100 HP
    75 KW
    Cruising Speed 124 MPH
    200 KPH
    108 KTS
    Stall Speed 47 MPH
    76 KPH
    41 KTS
    Ceiling 13,100 FT
    4,000 M
    Range 620 NM
    1,148 KM
    Source: Wikipedia

    A1R Design's Piel Emeraude

    A1R Design Bureau's package of Piel Emeraudes contains one model in six liveries. Separate versions are available for FSX and P3D. I reviewed the FSX version.

    Several significant features are listed by A1R Design Bureau such as high resolution, custom sounds, accurate flight dynamics and a "completely custom animated virtual cockpit."

    A1R's Piel Emeraude Exteriors

    A1R Design Bureau touts "high definition - all with specular, bump and reflection maps." Close inspection verifies those features on the aircraft's exterior. Those surfaces are indeed high resolution with realistic reflections revealing irregular surface textures in light and shade. I found nothing to criticize about the exterior representations.

    Piel Emeraude by A1R Design Red Piel Emeraude by A1R Design Gray
    Piel Emeraude by A1R Design Green Piel Emeraude by A1R Design Blue

    1. donnybalonny's Avatar
      donnybalonny -
      Quote: "The Piel Emeraude is slightly heavier, more powerful yet slower than the Piper Cub." quote

      This must be a blabber. It cant be slower than the piper Cub.
      Besides that and being used to Bill Stacks reviews, I noted the use of words like 'magnificent' and 'sharp'. Words not usually used by Mr. Stack, so I take this as a very possitive review.

      Thanks Mr. Stack for reviewing a different european AC from a different creator.
    1. iflygary's Avatar
      iflygary -
      Donny I believe you are correct sir. Honestly I have never flown the stock Piper Cub, but I do have Flight Replicas Super Cub and this little plane is not as fast as a Super Cub but certainly faster than the J-3 Cub( I have A2A's). I must admit this little airplane is a lot of fun to fly. I love the way it stalls and spins. It's has really awesome flight dynamics and is great for touring ORBX scenery. I also did an IFR flight with it and enjoyed engaging the auto pilot and the way it handled. I think it's price is towards the upper end for the type of model it is, but I have no regrets with it. I would recommend it for sure.
    1. donnybalonny's Avatar
      donnybalonny -
      well, bought it.
      And while the texturing and modelling is absolutely excellent, the flight dynamics are poor.
      On my machine the Emeraude wont sideslip, wont turn right on grass runways (using diferential braking) is impossible to takeoff or land in more than 5kt crosswind and climbs with 1500feet/minut or more at 80 knots which is about 3 times more than its real world sister.
      The develloper say they will make a patch. I hope so. Meanwhile I will be making my own airfile and flight dynamics because if not, this little fellow will just be deleted for good.
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