• Rolling Cumulus - Photoreal Remote Airfields South America

    Rolling Cumulus - Photoreal Remote Airfields South America

    Episode I - Photoreal Remote Airfields In South America (Part I)

    Hi pilots. In 2016 we aim to bring you this series of Photoreal Airfields which are mostly unknown to FSX. We will take you to every continent and bring to you airports which are not the common place tourists fly to, airfields in the outback of many foreign lands and even some fields which are used by bush pilots in order to bring supplies to places where the airplane is the sole provider. The series will be divided into Twelve Episodes in order to cover the complete year. The airfields are taken from satellite photos showing them exactly as in real life, so you will be actually be flying over them as they are today.

    Aviation in Latin America progressed at a pace even more rapid than in other, more developed areas of the world. With its many geographic obstacles to commerce and communication, aviation was quickly recognized to be a much more rapid means of overcoming the challenges of distance and time than roads and railways could provide. By the 1930s, air travel in Latin America was far more commonplace than in many other parts of the world. Today there are thousands of airports, and airfields which have given this series a wealth of places to fly.

    In this episode you will fly in Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile and Peru over their valleys, Mountains and jungles so bring good boots and don't forget a machete, there are snakes around some of these fields.

    • Ten Photoreal Airfields
    • Ten Flight Plans That Will Keep You Flying For Days!
    • Ten Weather Themes Depicting The Weather Down Under.
    • Fly By GPS or Better Yet, Just Follow Your Compass And Watch!
    • Original Buildings At Airfields
    • New Landclass
    • Air Freighter Texture For Freeware Aircraft
    • Original Documentation
    • Complete Easy Install Instructions


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    1. sparky347's Avatar
      sparky347 -
      Are these airfields real?
    1. degeus's Avatar
      degeus -
      How about Prepar3D V3?
      Piet de Geus
    1. Nels_Anderson's Avatar
      Nels_Anderson -
      Quote Originally Posted by sparky347 View Post
      Are these airfields real?
      The description says these are photoreal, based on satellite images. If there airports were not real there would not be an photos.
    1. gdr1944's Avatar
      gdr1944 -
      Which ten? ICAO
    1. sky44's Avatar
      sky44 -
      Hi guys...They are all real airfields, taken from satellite images. Some have ICAO codes but the very small ones out in the mountains and jungles do not. You can find them all using Google Earth by their Lat & Long.
    1. sky44's Avatar
      sky44 -
      gegeus...Only FSX and FSXSE.
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