• Overlay Editor Tutorial Part Six

    Overlay Editor Tutorial Part Six

    By Paul Mort

    Hello and welcome to part six of my series of tutorials covering Overlay Editor.

    If you've followed my tutorials from the beginning of the series, I think you now have enough knowledge and artistic talent to make a start on creating a modest airport. To run through this process, let's have a look at an airport I created a while back, VT15 Savage Island Airport in Vermont, USA. I've chosen this airport as it's not a particularly complex scenery. Savage Island was created by using a combination of overlaid images (in Overlay Editor) and Google Earth. Figure 1 below shows Savage Island in all its glory.

    Overlay Editor Tutorial
    Figure 1

    When viewed in Overlay Editor, the airport looks like this (Figure 2).

    Overlay Editor Tutorial
    Figure 2

    The first thing to note is the red box surrounding the island. This, as we've learned from previous tutorials, is called an Exclusion Zone and should ALWAYS be the first thing you add to your scenery. In this case, the exclusion used is a 'forest exclusion zone'. By applying this, it will prevent any unwanted tree objects (be it from freeware/payware packages) from interfering with our own custom scenery.

    Next we check to see if there are any suspicious buildings, inappropriately placed roads, power lines or railway lines that might interfere with our scenery. If there are, then we apply the appropriate exclusion zone. In the case of Savage Island, none were required so the only one used was the forest exclusion zone.

    Before attempting to add any buildings to a scenery, I always find it good practice to sort out any vegetation requirements. This is personal preference, and you may decide to do it differently, but for myself, I find it works well.

    Figure 3 shown below shows where the custom forests for the scenery are to be placed. As you can see the from the image, the green polygons are areas assigned to forests, with the one selected, being highlighted in pink.

    The great thing about the Forest Polygon is that rather than place all the trees individually (a highly laborious task), the polygon automatically places the right quantity of trees in the selected area. The forest type used for this particularly area comes the MisterX_Library and is the temperate wet/mixed forest type.

    Overlay Editor Tutorial
    Figure 3

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    1. n55's Avatar
      n55 -
      Thanks, Paul.

      In a future tutorial, could you discuss the process of switching between WED and OE or OE and WED?

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