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    KVNY Van Nuys Airport

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    Bill Stack

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    Van Nuys KVNY by FSX Photoreal

    Source: FSX Photoreal

    Van Nuys Airport (KVNY) is a public general aviation airport in California's San Fernando Valley. Its two parallel runways handle more than 260,000 operations annually, making it among the world's busiest general aviation airports.

    Founded in 1928, the airport charged hangar fees of $35 per month and landing fees of 50 cents. During World War II, it was used as a factory by Lockheed Corporation and as a Navy base where pilots were trained in the P-38 Lightning.

    Much of its traffic has depended on the San Fernando Valley's motion picture, television and entertainment industries for decades. The airport is also a base for medical, news and tourist helicopters. The City of Los Angeles operates a helicopter-maintenance facility at Van Nuys. Some movies, television shows and music videos have been filmed at Van Nuys.

    Separated from downtown Los Angeles and Hollywood by the Santa Monica Mountains, the San Fernando Valley is home to Disney, Universal, Warner Bros. and NBC Television studios. Commercial air traffic is provided through the Bob Hope Airport in Burbank, and general aviation traffic is provided through Van Nuys and Whiteman Airports. Many movie stars and executives use Van Nuys Airport with their private or charter aircraft instead of nearby Bob Hope or busy Los Angeles airports.

    Satellite photos of this airport support its busy claim to fame. I have never seen so many general aviation aircraft at one airport, including dozens of light aircraft, numerous business jets of all sizes, a Boeing 727 and a Boeing 737.

    Van Nuys Location
    Van Nuys KVNY Van Nuys KVNY Van Nuys KVNY

    Learn more about Van Nuys Airport.

    FSX Photoreal's Rendering

    The rendering of this popular and interesting airport by FSX Photoreal is detailed in three respects: Surface textures, airport facilities and groundside.

    Surface Texture

    Default FSX surface texture is replaced by a high-resolution, two-dimensional, photorealistic texture of the airport and immediately surrounding area. The flat urban structures and other features in FSX Photoreal's surface textures show the area as seen from satellites, which contrasts sharply with the generic urban textures displayed by Microsoft. Two comparisons are shown below, and more can be seen in my other screen captures of the airport.

    Overall Airport
    FSX Photoreal FSX Default
    Van Nuys KVNY by FSX Photoreal Textures by FSX
    Van Nuys KVNY by FSX Photoreal Textures by FSX

    1. jbob101's Avatar
      jbob101 -
      Hey Bill, I think you review was thorough and it makes me want to try this out :-).
    1. btwallis's Avatar
      btwallis -
      Two things:

      1. Given the status of Orbx scenery and recent SCA release, there is no comment on compatibility with their scenery. I wonder what the situation is on this.

      2. Given my recent experience with VirtualCol and their Shorts package, the only method of communication is via email....in today's world this a terrible business model. When I see that the only support is via email this turns me off from buying this product.
    1. pinkyjr's Avatar
      pinkyjr -
      guys, Virtual Col and the such are 4-5 manned companies. They would not be able to provide you customer service via phone if that's what you mean. Also, highly doubt they'd have a toll free line, and calls to South America are not cheap!

      hope that helps.
    1. Foxtrot789's Avatar
      Foxtrot789 -
      Wait for the update, this thing is an fps hog!!
    1. hazahl's Avatar
      hazahl -
      In my opinion a "must have" among airports since it is so versatile and compact. Framerate too low when I flew an upgraded version of MS standard 737-800 in there yesterday, and that will be worse when I land with i.e. Flight1's Cessna citation Mustang. So I eagerly wait for the upgrade. checked manufacturers webpage yesterday, but the upgrade 1.2 was not available yet.
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