• Review: Lake Victoria, Africa

    Review: Lake Victoria, Africa

    By Ron Blehm

    Maybe I'm just not that picky. I think FSX looks pretty good; it's at least good enough to keep me quite entertained. But, where the default scenery falls down, thank goodness that we have dedicated freeware developers who put in time and sweat to make our sims better places to fly!

    Such has been my experience lately in Central-East Africa.

    The default renderings of Africa are deplorable (image, above) yet, because of my emotional connections to the area, it's a place I enjoy flying. So, to enhance my time there I must rely on freeware add-ons. All of these add-ons are found for free in the file library here at FlightSim.Com.

    In preparation for a 2016 mission trip (you are encouraged to donate via my PayPal, click on image above) I had arrived into Addis Ababa Airport (HAAB), Bole International, Ethiopia. This is a complete rework of the airport by Lee Marrow (images below). Add-on includes terminal, jetways, commercial, GA and cargo parking as well as the second runway and AI traffic.


    Looking to head south, I set in a route to Entebbe Airport (HUEN), Uganda. Built using FSX library objects by Jacques Botha. I have had this add-on for some time but the details added are a great enhancement (images below). Add-on includes new and old terminals, commercial, GA and Cargo parking as well as "an encampment" and AI traffic.


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      andyjohnston -
      I can't find any faults with this review
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      swanny -
      I'm nearly to the point of needing to beg for donations!
      I've gotten more information over the weekend about our Ethiopia Mission trip in 2016:
      I'll be taking fewer clothes and more supplies because basically we need to train up a hospital-load of nurses and general MDs for doing Orthopedics! My daughter and I will be down in the Awasa area at a larger hospital and smaller clinic doing care and training for a month. Any donation is a blessing! Thanks!
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