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    BN2 Islander

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    Steve Franklin

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    Flight1 BN-2 Islander     Flight1 BN-2 Islander

    As a person who likes the calmer approach to flying, I instantly warmed to Flight1's BN2 Islander. It is a mainline airliner and cargo plane manufactured in the UK by Britten-Norman and is one of the best selling commercial aircraft in Europe.

    The modeling of the aircraft is very good indeed with realistic aircraft handling, quality sounds including all sorts of creaks and whines! The model includes technologies such as cockpit self-shadowing which I personally find beautiful; especially on slow turns you can see the realism on the panel. The panel also shakes on engine start and takeoff roll.

    Externally, the aircraft looks great also with HDR bloom effects, bump mapping and the aircraft is also DX10 compatible. This model has taken two years of work and has had the help of real BN2 pilots and operators.

    Flight1 BN-2 Islander     Flight1 BN-2 Islander

    The manual gives you the full start up and shut down procedures which is always a great selling point for me. I enjoy nothing more than a nice short IFR flight across the UK's photo scenic terrain, then ending with a nice ILS approach, taxiing to the gates and a full shutdown.

    Talking about approaches, I've never been in anything that can fly so slow for the size of the aircraft! Approach speed for this plane is just 65 knots! It gives you plenty of time to breathe and make sure that all necessary landing checks and procedures have been completed. These procedures are also in the manual.

    For those who enjoy setting up full flight plans, the aircraft has the Bendix King GPS built in. You can import flight plans directly from FSX flight planner.

    Flight1 BN-2 Islander     Flight1 BN-2 Islander

    You can really fly this aircraft anywhere and it will withstand the harshest of weather, but moreover it is a wonderful aircraft to fly with stunning modeling throughout.

    Flight1 BN-2 Islander

    Steve Franklin

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    1. tiger1962's Avatar
      tiger1962 -
      Sorry but the Islander isn't a turboprop, it's a piston twin (2 × Lycoming O-540-E4C5 or IO-540, 260 hp or 300 hp if fuel injected (195 kW) each)
    1. W33's Avatar
      W33 -
      Quote Originally Posted by tiger1962 View Post
      Sorry but the Islander isn't a turboprop, it's a piston twin (2 × Lycoming O-540-E4C5 or IO-540, 260 hp or 300 hp if fuel injected (195 kW) each)
      There is a turboprop variant:


    1. mallcott's Avatar
      mallcott -
      Maybe so, but the Fight 1 BN-2 Islander isn't.
    1. tiger1962's Avatar
      tiger1962 -
      Let me re-phrase that: THIS Islander isn't a turboprop!
    1. ferryman's Avatar
      ferryman -
      There was also (briefly) G-FANS - powered by Dowty Ducted Fans. Very quiet, but never went into production.
    1. nippa's Avatar
      nippa -
      I've had this for a while now and it's one of the better add ons with great sounds and handling.
      Perhaps the sound is too realistic as there is a horrible electronic background whine but a quick application of a sound editor changed that to my liking.
      I flew in the real aeroplane almost 40 years ago around the Orkney Islands and this model feels accurate with the same STOL performance.
      A friend still flies one and just loves it.
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