• Freeware Preview - Boeing 797

    Freeware Preview - Boeing 797: A Replacement For The 737 Family

    By Ron Blehm

    CamSim 797

    The Boeing 737 is, beyond a doubt, the best-selling aircraft model ever; over 8,400 delivered since 1967 and as of this writing about 13,000 firm orders. (Currently the A320 family is outselling the 737 family but Boeing had a 20-year head start over Airbus) The Boeing 737 has seen many reincarnations since the popular -200 version. There were new engines on the -300, the larger -400, the "next generation" -700, the stretched -900, the MAX, the winglets, the sharklets, etc. For the most part however, the basic design of the model has been unchanged - I even read somewhere that the shape of the cockpit, the windows and nosecone all harken back to the 707 days.

    Well, the beautiful thing about FS is that we can fly all of these variants of the 737 any time we want. There is another beautiful thing however. There are freeware designers who can take real or imagined concepts or ideas or designs and make them available to us as well. Enter Camil Valiquette. He's been uploading onto www.flightsim.com since 1996; he's still uploading aircraft to this day (picture below, left). Between the files on www.flightsim.com and other FS web sites including his own (http://pages.videotron.com/camsim), he estimates that he has produced well over 1,000 aircraft models for FS! Mr. Valiquette has taken on the challenge of making other people's ideas reality long before any of us get a vision of the reality. He has also made a special niche by offering models with "Animated Ground Services" so that you can have air-stairs and baggage and fuel at any airport in the world! (I'm using version 2, new releases have version 5.) See pictures below center and right.

    CamSim 797     CamSim 797     CamSim 797

    Example: I was flying his 787s back in 2007! Okay, that was like, so last decade! But back then, while Boeing hadn't even flown their first prototype, Mr. Vilaquette's designs allowed me to fly not only the 787-8 but also the 787-9 and 787-10 and the Super-11!

    "Wait, those exist?"

    Exactly my point. It is likely somewhat easier to design aircraft that have given us numbers to go by, but CamSim have focused on aircraft that haven't yet taken to the air. This in itself makes his work special but it's not the point of my writing this article. You see, I'm not a big, heavy, wide-body kind of pilot. I really like my Embraer jets and 735s. What really caught my eye was this "797". I was familiar with the infamous BWB / flying wing but Mr. Valiquette offered that the, "B797 should become, with a design based on the 787, the 737 replacement." (Picture below, left.)

    CamSim 797     CamSim 797     CamSim 797

    Okay, this is a little brilliant. Rather than going bigger or longer or just adding new wings, let's take our new technology and truly replace something that arguably is 50 years old (picture above, center). In the CamSim 797 you have an aircraft that is the size and weight of a 734 but it hauls as many passengers as a 739 and has the range of a 757! Who wouldn't love that (picture above, right)? And, with a 2-3-2 seating layout in the elliptical, carbon-fibre fuselage it likely would feel roomier on a 7-hour flight than the single-aisle 757. This design is based on information from Boeing's Yellowstone, Y1 project if you'd like to research that information further (picture below, left).

    CamSim 797     CamSim 797

    So, I downloaded the CamSim 797 (which I admit is old and dated now). Ultimately I was not at all happy with the handling or controls but I loved the concept of a 737 replacement (and I love the look). So, I've worked on the porpoising and the ground handling and the power and the fuel flow and the flaps timing and the lift and drag values and ... I feel like I basically tore down Camil's work, left the basic frame and then reconstructed things to my own standards (picture above, right). I put in a 777 panel and 787 sounds. I've spent the past month tweaking and trying and reworking all of these subtle little details (who knew that moving the main gear values may help ground handling but could screw up landing!?) and more than likely it's not perfect (like my Embraer jets) but I'm exceedingly happy with my "Brand New 737 Replacement"!

    CamSim 797     CamSim 797

    1. Rupert's Avatar
      Rupert -
      Good concept!
    1. swanny's Avatar
      swanny -
      I've just heard from CamSim.... updated schedule.
      The House Colors 797s should be uploaded and into the file library by 01-Dec-15!
    1. yoshua's Avatar
      yoshua -
      The 737 has blended winglets and split scimitar winglets. Sharklets are on the Airbus A319, A320 and A321.
    1. weepabieke's Avatar
      weepabieke -
      Can you allow for VC integration?
    1. ScottishMike's Avatar
      ScottishMike -
      It looks good, flies almost too good to be true, it can climb to 36,000 ft at 2000 ft/min. all the way.
      The weights are a bit odd with an empty weight of 300,000 lbs (over three times the empty weight of a 737-900) and a maximum take off weight of 602,973 lbs. (more than three times the max. take off weight of a 737-900).
      But well done CamSim it looks good! and it is a joy to fly. The ground handling animations are also very good. So forget the weights and just fly it!
    1. swanny's Avatar
      swanny -
      I've just checked and the house colors of the newest (version 5) of the 797-700 and 797-900 are up in the file library!
    1. Adam Afiq's Avatar
      Adam Afiq -
      I wonder if we can add a VC onto this aircraft
    1. swanny's Avatar
      swanny -
      Quote Originally Posted by Adam Afiq View Post
      I wonder if we can add a VC onto this aircraft
    1. swanny's Avatar
      swanny -
      Quote Originally Posted by weepabieke View Post
      Can you allow for VC integration?
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