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    Airport And City V2

    Publisher: AFS Design

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    Bill Stack

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    Airport and City V2 by AFS Design

    Source: AFS Design

    Airport and City V2 is a collection of improved autogen ground and building textures for FSX developed by AFS Design. It enables sharper and more colorful autogen textures for airport surfaces and buildings, AFS Design says.

    Because AFS Design specifically identifies airports, cities, plants and night effects, I compared those scenery features in the AFS Design textures to the same locations under default FSX Acceleration textures. I selected locations around the world for fairest comparisons and duplicated screen captures for each texture set.

    The textures I reviewed are specifically for FSX. I did not review the FS2004 version mentioned in this product's documents. Lockheed Martin's Prepar3D is not mentioned.


    AFS Design's product description says: "new autogenous airport textures, runway and taxiways with new details, asphalt and concrete surfaces with 1024 px [resolution]" so I made pairs of screen captures to compare these features against FSX default textures.

    My comparative screen captures show that surfaces and markings on runways, taxiways and aprons in AFS Design's textures are much more colorful and variegated than the FSX default. The finer detail of AFS's lawns appear to simulate mowed grass more realistically than FSX textures. Although I show comparative screen captures at two airports, the same conditions appeared at every airport I examined.

    Overall Airports

    AFS Design


    Textures by AFS Design Textures by FSX

    Washington National (KDCA)

    Textures by AFS Design Textures by FSX

    Washington National (KDCA)

    Textures by AFS Design Textures by FSX

    Rotterdam, Netherlands (EHRD)

    Textures by AFS Design Textures by FSX

    Rotterdam, Netherlands (EHRD)

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