• Vidan Design - Danish Airfields X Samso

    Vidan Design - Danish Airfields X Samso

    Danish Airfields X - Samso is a highly detailed scenery of the complete island of Samso located 15 kilometers off the east coast of the Jutland peninsula, Denmark. The island covers approximately 114 sq. KM with about 4000 inhabitants. Samso is often described as Denmark in miniature: "Coasts with steep slopes, a hilly landscape with deep valleys and glacial gorges, moorland and fertile farmlands and a bay with many small islands and islets" (visitsamsoe.dk). The island of Samso is known for its organic agriculture and production and to be self-sufficient in renewable energy. 100% of its electricity comes from wind power and 75% of its heat comes from solar power and biomass energy.

    Because of its central, strategic location, the island played an important role in the Viking Age. From Samso, the Danish Vikings could control both the north-south sailing routes along the east coast of Jutland and the east-west sailing routes between Jutland, Zealand and Scania. The Vikings probably had a large naval base in Stavns Fjord, which played an important role in protecting the large Danish Viking city of Aros (the current Aarhus). At the island's narrowest place, the Vikings dug a canal (the Kanhave canal) which could be navigated by vessels with a draught of up to 1 m. The Kanhave canal is one of the largest known engineering projects of the Vikings and a sign of the centralized power of the time.

    The Kanhave Canal is still visible as a depression in the landscape. Just to the south of the Kanhave Canal is Samso Airfield EKSS, a small public airfield with a 695 x 30 meter grass runway (10/28). The airfield is the home base of Samsoe Air Service. With its idyllic location in the middle of the Kattegat Sea, the airfield has its own very special atmosphere and it is characterized by the manager's sense of humor and his love of aviation and the island of Samso. This scenery includes a highly detailed scenery of the airfield. Also included in this scenery is a heliport located to the north of the city of Tranebjerg.

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