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    Piper Comanche 250 With Accu-Sim

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    Bill Stack

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    Piper Comanche 250 by A2A Simulations

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    Piper's PA-24 Comanche is a single-engine general-aviation aircraft with seating for four persons, including one pilot. Built between 1956 and 1972, it features a low wing, retractable tricycle gear, and monocoque construction. The 250 model was introduced in 1958 with a more powerful 250-horsepower Lycoming O-540 piston engine. Comanche production ended in June 1972 when severe floods caused a hurricane wiped out the production line, all its equipment, and many aircraft.

    A2A Simulations describes Piper's PA-24 Comanche 250 in laudatory terms:

    "The Piper Comanche takes its well-deserved place on an illustrious list of aeroplanes which are both so very pleasing to the eyes and which are equally capable of superior performance."
    "Of all of the high performance GA aircraft the Comanche is arguably the least demanding of the relatively low-time pilot."
    "The Comanche is also particularly exceptional in that it does not achieve its excellent aerodynamic performance at the expense of interior room and comfort; it is among the roomiest and most comfortable of "high performance" aeroplanes."
    "Its light airframe weight and its generous, high aspect-ratio, laminar flow wing provides the Comanche with high efficiency as well as a low wing loading."

    This a four-seat, single-engine, general-aviation aircraft is approximately the same size and gross weight as the stock Mooney M20 Bravo in MSFS. It is not as fast as the Bravo, however.

    Piper Comanche 250 Specifications
    Item Value
    Length 25 FT
    8 M
    Wingspan 36 FT
    11 M
    Occupants 4
    Empty Weight 1,773 LB
    804 KG
    Maximum Weight 3,200 LB
    1,451 KG
    Useful Load 1,427 LB
    647 KG
    Fuel Capacity 60-90 USG
    230-340 L
    Propeller 3 Blades
    Engine Lycoming O-540
    Power 250 HP
    186 KW
    Cruising Speed 185 MPH
    161 KTS
    Ceiling 19,500 FT
    5,945 M
    Range 1,063 NM
    1,968 KM
    Source: Wikipedia

    1. mdata's Avatar
      mdata -
      Hi Bill,

      Nice overview, thank you for looking at this AC. Any comments on how it performed on your system?

    1. snoman909's Avatar
      snoman909 -
      On the 172 A2A sim package you do a engine check, Champion and Phillips are some of the products you use (spark plug change and oil change) I wonder is that is the "sponsorship" ?
    1. aputech's Avatar
      aputech -
      I spent a few hours flying it at a friend's house a few weeks ago and I really like the attention to detail and the overall look and feel of it. It was easy to get used to the way it behaved and handled, and the only bad thing I have to say about the flight is that I flared too high above the runway on the first two landings because the Comanche has low-stance mains.
      It was a very pleasant airplane to fly, and I can imagine flying one on 3 or 4 hour cross country trips quite comfortably. It's a definite winner and a keeper in my book.

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