• Captain Sim 727 Captain Version 2.6

    Captain Sim 727 Captain

    The 727 Captain (727-100 Base Pack, 727-200 Expansion model, 727 Freighter Expansion model) version 2.6 is available and includes 2.2, 2.3, 2.4 plus the following new features and enhancements:

    New Features

    • FSX Steam Edition compatibility added
    • Carousel IV-A Inertial Navigation System (CIVA) added
    • V-One - Datacard for Takeoff/Landing with Call-Outs added
    • EPR Hold function added
    • DME display's functions added (VOR1, VOR2, TAT)
    • Winglets on/off animation feature added


    • Mouse wheel rotation bug for all knobs fixed
    • Flight model fixed and improved
    • Aircraft holding the ILS and/or GS improved
    • Engine EPR calculation fixed and improved
    • Fuel system bugs fixed
    • Fuel dump system bugs fixed
    • Fuel flow improved
    • Pressurization system bugs fixed
    • GPWS Switch Fixed
    • Sudden loss of electric fixed
    • Elevator trim sensitivity fixed
    • Autopilot hotkeys added
    • Autopilot bugs fixed
    • Autopilot pitch hold for FSX SP2 version fixed
    • Wiskey compass indication fixed
    • ADI indication corrected
    • MDA light fixed
    • Decision height system fixed
    • Radio altitude fixed
    • NAV/GPS Switch added (marker switch replaced)
    • Airspeed Cursor Control added
    • Altimeter indication fixed and improved
    • CIVA alignment and Active Sky Next compatibility fixed
    • HDG bug fixed
    • Flaps gauge fixed


    • Flight load/save fixed
    • Engine smoke fixed
    • Tooltips fixed and improved
    • Icons panel improved
    • 2D night drawing improved
    • Minor memory leaks fixed
    • FSX frame rate improved
    • Manuals updated
    • Product activation on some systems fixed

    This update applies to all versions of Captain Sim's 727 Captain line:

    727 Captain Pro Pack
    727 Captain 727-200 Expansion
    727 Captain Freighter Expansion

    1. Rishav Kakati's Avatar
      Rishav Kakati -
      Looks like this beautiful jet age bird has finally been polished and its niggles sorted out!
      Just one question. Can anyone tell me whether the broken EPR simulation has been fixed? These jetliners predated the era of autothrottles and so proper thrust management using EPR settings is key to accurate operation in all flight regimes.
    1. tweedy's Avatar
      tweedy -
      If you purchased this aircraft from JF, forget about the update, it will not be available!
    1. be77solo's Avatar
      be77solo -
      Will this version work with P3Dv2.5? I see on the Captain sim website they have a FSX "base"version and a P3D "base" version. I'd like to pick it up from FSpilotshop but it is a "Pro" version. Not sure what I need for P3D. Thanks
    1. Nels_Anderson's Avatar
      Nels_Anderson -
      Captain Sim is currently not letting anyone else sell the P3D version so the version at the FS Pilot Shop is only the FSX version.
    1. be77solo's Avatar
      be77solo -
      Quote Originally Posted by Nels_Anderson View Post
      Captain Sim is currently not letting anyone else sell the P3D version so the version at the FS Pilot Shop is only the FSX version.
    1. aeroplaneman's Avatar
      aeroplaneman -
      Tried to install this today, disappointingly, FSX exits automatically when the aircraft is selected.
    1. MrUnSavory's Avatar
      MrUnSavory -
      Actually the fact is that CaptainSim Broke the plane with the 2.6 update that will not allow you to use it in P3DV2. It used to work. You could install it with the migration tool and then it would work. I still have the last version so I still have it in P3DV2. All they did was break it on purpose so they could sell 2 versions. Trust me, I wrote them a nasty letter about it.

      If you can find version 2.4 that will still install using the migration tool.
    1. berlopez's Avatar
      berlopez -
      Finaly.I have had the cap727 for years,got it when it had ver.2.1 and most versions since had problems of one kind or other.Since this release 2.6 everything seems to be working by the book, Thumbs up to the captains

    1. berlopez's Avatar
      berlopez -
      Now finally with ver. 2.7 all systems Work by the book an d are up to Capsim standards.

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