• Review: OE-XAM Helicopter Torque Pedals

    Bell B206 Replica Torque Pedals

    Manufactured by OE-XAM

    By Raymond Andersen


    During my quest around flight simulation hardware I have set my focus on hardware manufactured specifically for helicopter flight simulation. My last experience was a replica Bell 206 collective from the Austrian company OE-XAM, and the experience I had using that collective was flight simulation on a completely new level. Therefore I decided to explore the helicopter hardware market once again and now set my focus on a set of torque pedals.

    The torque pedals in this review are replica Bell 206 torque pedals which are also manufactured by the Austrian company OE-XAM. The pedals are plug and play and tested using FSX on both Win7 and Win 8.1.

    Packing & Delivery

    I ordered the set of torque pedals directly at OE-XAM. The ordering went with ease and I used PayPal as paying method. After completing the order and payment, the pedals were manufactured, packed and shipped with an international forwarder.

    There were a short lead time of about one week covering the process of the pedals going through the production, being packed and getting ready for transport. Hereafter the transport was about four days, so the complete lead time was about 1-2 weeks which is quite fair.

    The delivery had a cost of Euro 25,- since it was inside the EU, but OE-XAM is also able to deliver to both the US/Canada (Euro 35,-) and Australia/New Zealand (Euro 48,-) - prices can be found on OE-XAM's web site.

    The pedals were carefully packed inside a hard cardboard box. The inner wrapping around the pedals was bubble plastic which was sealed with tape with the marking "Remove Before Flight" which I think is a quite fun idea. Furthermore the cardboard box was filled with polystyrene foam pieces between the bubble plastic and the cardboard box.

    The conclusion in regards of the packing is that the packing is indeed very professional and I don't think it could be much better.

    An additional touch is that the tape used outside the hard cardboard box, was with black and yellow stripes making the box look very cool and inside was a surprise - some nice "Remove Before Flight" stickers.

    The Look & Feel

    When taking a look at the pedals I could quickly see that these pedals were not the standard flight simulator hardware pedals, but indeed some high quality and very professionally manufactured pedals.

    The first thing that I discovered was that everything that I could see and touch was all made of metal. No plastic parts whatsoever! Just this simple fact already raised my expectation to a completely new level.

    The pedals are created with an eye for the details - and do resemble their real world counterparts very well. I found some images on the web site www.Airliners.Net of exactly some Bell 206 pedals and the resemblance was remarkable. I could only see some minor differences like the base casing which is the center and heart of the pedals. On the images that I found of the real pedals, I could see that the base casing was cylindrical and the pedals that I have tested have a square shaped tube casing instead.

    I know that OE-XAM has created two versions of the Bell 206 torque pedals and the upgraded set of pedals (not included in this review), is created with the cylindrical base casing, so if you want to go all the way in regards of replica realism, then OE-XAM can provide that for sure.

    The torque pedals basically consist of a base casing where all the electronics are placed within. The base casing is created with metal which is then painted with a black and matte paint providing the pedals with a very realistic look.

    The base casing is mounted onto a metal bracket, which of course has also been painted the same black and then welded together so that the base and the bracket is one piece. The bracket has the exact same shape as the real Bell 206 torque pedals bracket, which I have also confirmed from pictures from www.Airliners.Net. There are drilled a total of five holes in the bracket to support the screws that can be used to mount the pedals in the home cockpit. One hole is located in the tip pointing towards the pilot and the remaining four holes are located in each corner of the square part of the bracket.

    1. dbauder's Avatar
      dbauder -
      Thanks for the review. Such a high end item and you have to ASK for a manual? Hmmm...
    1. HaveBlue's Avatar
      HaveBlue -
      It would be good if we are told how much the mofo costs or at least a link to their website and not just give us the shipping cost only.
    1. RaysAviation's Avatar
      RaysAviation -
      Quote Originally Posted by HaveBlue View Post
      It would be good if we are told how much the mofo costs or at least a link to their website and not just give us the shipping cost only.
      Hi HaveBlue, the pedals cost EUR350 and can be found on this link:

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