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    Ready for a European holiday? Well nothing beats a European holiday like a trip to the island of Mallorca, a tourist hotspot for Europe, located in the beautiful Mediterranean off the east coast of Spain.


    As with most Aerosoft products for Flight Simulator, the Flight Simulator scenery add-on Mallorca X Evolution is very detailed and pretty well accurately represents its real-world counterpart. Mallorca X Evolution is the product of the SimWings team, who are the creators of such wonderful scenery like Anchorage X and Mega Airport London Heathrow, some top-notch sceneries.

    Mallorca Island

    Mallorca (or Majorca), is an autonomous island located in the Mediterranean off the east coast of Spain. Mallorca is a part of an island chain called the Balearic Islands located in the Balearic Sea in the Western Mediterranean. The Balearic Islands include Majorca, Minorca, Ibiza and Formentera. The Mediterranean is the most popular tourist destination in the world because of the great weather and rich cultural history. Some of the most popular islands in this area are Majorca and Ibiza.

    Mallorca X Mallorca X Mallorca X

    Mallorca X Evolution Add-on

    Mallorca X Evolution covers the entire Island of Mallorca, which includes the major international airport Palma de Mallorca as well as the smaller airport Son Bonet and of course the rest of the Island of Mallorca. Photographic textures are used, and many objects are included like trees, houses, buildings, roads, boats, ports, dynamic traffic and other objects. The Island of Mallorca and the airport of Palma de Mallorca have been designed by previous flight simulator add-on companies. These previous sceneries have been quite enjoyable sceneries (Mallorca X and the older Palma de Mallorca airport scenery). I especially remember using the Palma de Mallorca scenery years ago for flight simulator and remembering it being a beautiful add-on. At the time the airport was so good looking I spent so much time on it I don't remember the fact that the airport was located on an island, I just spent my time flying into and out of the wonderfully created airport.

    The Mallorca X Evolution scenery is an updated scenery based upon the Mallorca X scenery and you will find that the Evolution version really lives up to its name.

    Mallorca X Mallorca X


    • Completely new designed scenery
    • International airport "LEPA" or PMI in extremely high detail and all buildings
    • Numerous static objects, such as push back trucks, stairs, etc.
    • Very busy dynamic apron traffic through AESLite
    • Dynamic AESLite vehicle traffic on roads surrounding the airport LEPA
    • Highly detailed AFCAD or AFX files for AI traffic
    • FS2004: Complete island with photorealistic ground textures and new elevation model (mesh terrain) in 4.7 m/pixel resolution (airport at approx. 0.5 m/pixel)
    • FSX: Complete island complete island in a breathtaking resolution of 0.5 m/pixel
    • Photorealistic night textures
    • Safegate (Aircraft Parking and Information System)
    • Vegetation-Autogen on the whole island, Autogen-houses on 2/3 of the island
    • General aviation airport "Son Bonet" LESB
    • FS2004 and FSX version compatible with AES 2.0

    1. enuffsaid's Avatar
      enuffsaid -
      Thank you for this great review. Can I ask if it supports FSX Steam Edition and if it's DX10 preview compatible?
    1. jbob101's Avatar
      jbob101 -
      Quote Originally Posted by enuffsaid View Post
      Thank you for this great review. Can I ask if it supports FSX Steam Edition and if it's DX10 preview compatible?
      From the product's features it says it supports DX10 (it doesn't specify preview or not) and says you may need the DX10-Fixer 2.7/Steve's Fixer for the non safe-gate model so go ahead and get the Fixer anyways. It is compatible with FSX Steam Edition as well!
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